10 Fan Fiction Covers for the Millennial Life in NYC

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It's a unique time we live in, us millennials. The job market sucks, we're more depressed than ever, and old people think we're lazy. But, hey! At least, we've got awesome sh*t like the Internet and Beyonce, huh? We're pretty happy with that, right?

Yet, despite everything, it doesn't feel like anyone truly gets us. No one's been able to capture the millennial experience.

Isn't it about time someone showed the world what it's like? And what better way to do so than... to branch out into the exciting world of fan fiction!

If you're looking for a rousing good time that'll also hit you right in the feels, see if any of these titles strike your fancy.

Release dates, you ask? TBD.

1. Post-Grad Art Major 

[via Brett Myers/spoiled nyc]

And as she mounted his horse and wrapped her arms around her lover, she leaned into his ear and whispered, "Do need any interns?"

2. How to Avoid Responsibility and Alienate Friends

[via Brett Myers/spoiled nyc]

Oh, the things you can think of... like how we're all going to die someday...

3. Brunch

[via Brett Myers/spoiled nyc]

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, at least I wish it were so everyone would leave me to my waffles in peace!

4. Times Square 

[via Brett Myers/spoiled nyc]


5. Dollar Pizza

[via Brett Myers/spoiled nyc]

A classic love story between a small town girl names Jameson and a mysterious man named Ray...'s Pizza. Whichever is the real one, that is.

6. Rent Day

[via Brett Myers/spoiled nyc]

Reader, beware. You're in for a scare. Just look at your bank account tomorrow.

7. Late Night Thirst 

[via Brett Myers/spoiled nyc]

I'm not like most others girls and this is my story...

8. My First Attempts At Cooking 

Once upon a YAAAAAAAAAS...

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[via Brett Myers/spoiled nyc]

Dad: You're giving up on your dream of being a chef, son!

Son: No, Dad! I'm giving up on your dream!

9. Bad Hair Day 

[via Brett Myers/spoiled nyc]

*Thinks of way to incorporate vampires into a totally unrelated plot line*

10. 50 Shades of SLAYY!

[via Brett Myers/spoiled nyc]