Real Millennial Sh*t: This is How It Truly Feels

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So, I don’t know what it’s like to grow up in any generation besides Generation Y.

I really don’t. I know that when our parents were children they were worried about stuff like the Cold War (getting a nuclear bomb dropped on us would suck), the Vietnam War, and civil rights for people of all races.

And when our grandparents were our age, they were worried about World War II, and the depression, and they hadn’t even begun thinking about how to incorporate all races into the American Dream. Also, I don’t think it occurred to our grandparents to question the existence of God, and women couldn’t really go to school or get a job, which must have been terrible.

And now, we’re becoming adults in an age when gay marriage is almost completely legal in America, and marijuana is on the brink of becoming legal.

Racism makes no sense to us. Like when I tell my grandmother that I’m dating someone new and her first question is, “Is he Jewish?” Unless she is Jewish, then I usually say yes. Otherwise, I have a hard time figuring out what to say. And women, we are making our way towards gender equality; we really are. And, of course, we’re still worried about a nuclear bomb getting dropped on us.

But we’re making huge strides. We care about love-- among and between all different groups of people. Of any generation until this point, we’re the closest to making the American Dream a reality, because, and I’m speaking generally here, we care about people for who they are, their abilities and personalities, rather than their religion, sexuality, or the color of their skin.

It doesn’t even occur to most people in our generation to worry about these things, and I am so proud of our generation when I think about how absurd things used to be, how paradoxical and hypocritical it is that our founding fathers were rambling about equality and inalienable rights, while owning human slaves.

Of course, it’s cool they wrote those documents anyway. I’m all about the Bill of Rights; it’s just that we have to actually create a society that fosters absolute equality, rather than just talking about it.

And, of course, we’re dealing with a bunch of other shit that generations before us didn’t have to deal with.

Like, first of all, unpaid internships. What the f**k are these about? They’re perplexing to my dad, who had to pay for mine and my sister’s rent last summer because we both had unpaid internships.

He has no problem saying, without hiding his indignation, that when he was our age people paid for work.

And of course it’s not fair that only people who can afford it can hold these unpaid internships, which can give them a leg up when it comes to actually getting a job. I have no advice about this, it’s just a thing our generation has to deal with.

Then there’s technology. Technology has radically altered the landscape of human communication.