Don't You Wish These Ingenious Apps Actually Existed in NYC?

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Tinder. Cash. Timehop. Snapchat. Flappy Bird. All great apps, but they're just not enough. Life is still rife with those little annoyance that could easily be solved by an app. Because the greatest thing tech addicts love to hear is, “There's an app for that!”

With the plethora of annoyances (big and small) in New York City, we all could use some technology to make it a little more bearable.

Here are 21 ingenious apps we wish existed, as we traverse this city we call home.

1. SUINTS (Shut Up, I Need To Sleep)

[via Ramos]

Leave it to some drunk jerk or technologically-inept driver to set off a car alarm at 4 a.m. and disturb your beauty sleep.

This app would find a way to disable all nearby car alarms. The accidental ones, that is. If a car is getting stolen, it'll find a way to leave that alarm be. Because technology.

2. BratBeGone

Ugh. Youths. They're just not the same anymore. They're loud, mean, and selfish. The day a child asks us about our day, we'll like them. But until then, BratBeGone would tell us where the least amount of them are. We can tell you now, though, to avoid Brooklyn Heights at all costs.

3. SurgeAlert


Surge prices are a curse put on this Earth by the devil himself. And no, that warning that makes us type the percent increase doesn't make it okay.

Our wasted self will do anything to not take the train home. Solution? Make an app that disables Uber during price surges above 2x. Brilliant. Done.

4. BrunchPunch

[via amazinmel725/tumblr]

Brunch was nice and cute for while.

But New York has turned it into an infectious culture. An inescapable one, at that.

If you just want a casual, quiet breakfast or a relaxed cup of coffee to yourself, BrunchPunch will warn you if you're treading too close to a brunch hot spot. Run. Run far away, and don't look back.

5. MinimEyes


Nothing kills a buzz quite like going to pay your bill, seeing you don't have cash, and haven't reached the credit card minimum. Or seeing that the bar only accepts cash.

This night-saving app will keep tabs on all surrounding credit card minimums and cash only bars. Gone are the days of drunken service fees!

6. Cooklooks


The search for the the trifecta of foods never ends. Affordable, delicious, and healthy.

Sure, Yelp has helped a good bit, but the search is still on. Cooklooks will track a restaurant's nutritional value along with its prices and reviews. A delicious not-home-cooked meal just got even better.

7. Facescribe

[via elate/wiki]

Being the Melting Pot of the United States, this city brings together an innumerable amount of cultures and languages.

In turn, we all have those moments where we need to converse with someone who doesn't speak our own language.

Like FaceTime meets Duolingo, Facescribe will let you video chat with someone to help bridge the language barrier at any time.

8. MuffinToppr

[via tumblr]

Delivery food is basically a drug. Oh so good, but oh so bad. Before you know it, you'll start feeling a little squishier than usual.

Through whatever technology, this app will alert you when you've had one cronut too many. You can set it to whatever amount of weight gain you want, but once you've reached it, you'll get an alert. Over and over and over...

9. Creepr

We can't help it. We all have those people we obsess over that we have to meet.

Thoroughly tracking blogs and social media accounts, Creepr would keep you up-to-date on where your favorite people are going. Additionally, the app will alert you when someone you love is coming to your city. All to help you plan a “chance” meeting.

10. Tabs

would keep up with how dirty a certain neighborhood is on any given night. Note, St. Mark's Place would most likely remain at 100% all day.


Even if we don't feel like being alone, we just don't want to deal with crowds most of the time.

If only we could somehow chose a place to go out that doesn't get much traffic for a relaxed outing.

Well, if someone invented the app Tabs, we could! Hopefully, such an app wouldn't ruin under-the-radar places for regulars.

11. CrudBud

[via Flickr]

Since the 1970s, the streets have come a long way in terms of cleanliness, but nothing can stop the unpredictable drunken vomits or spilled trash cans.

To avoid stepping in what must not be named, CrudBud