9 Quintessential NYC Foods You'll Miss Like Crazy If You Ever Leave This City

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It can be argued that New Yorkers are most passionate about their food. When you think about it, that makes sense though, right?

Nothing gets people involved in something like talking about their favorite foods.

And in this city, where passion runs high, everyone has their own favorite. Here's 9 quintessential NYC foods (in no particular order) that you'll miss like crazy if you ever leave this town.

Which tops your list?

1. Buttered rolls

[via georgiaisyourfriend.tumblr.com]

Apparently this really is a New York thing. It’s standard to get a buttered roll for your breakfast with your regular coffee in Gotham. But mention buttered rolls to someone from, say, California, and they won’t know what you're talking about.

It’s more or less exactly what you think it is. But if you’re not familiar, it's a nice, big, chewy bread roll with butter. A Big Apple breakfast staple, but tough to get elsewhere. Weird.

2. Gyros

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Remember that Seinfeld episode about the gyros on the subway? Mostly it was ridiculous. No way do you have time to get off a subway, run to a gyro stand, and then get back on the same train car!

The only thing that wasn’t ridiculous about that episode was Jerry’s love for New York gyros. Yes, they really are good enough for you to leave the subway for. But you'll still have to wait for the next train.

3. Bodega/deli cold cut heroes

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Never mind the sandwiches, bodegas aren’t much of a thing outside New York. They should be. Convenience store plus grill plus cold cuts equals awesome! Don’t worry about how sketchy some bodegas look, the best sandwiches in the world wait for you inside. And if bodegas aren't your thing, find yourself the nearest old-school Italian deli.

There absolutely is no excuse for any New Yorker to patronize Subway restaurants, when there's real cold cut heroes available in this city.

In downtown Manhattan they might get pricy, but in the boroughs, you can still get a beautiful bodega sandwich for five bucks.

And you can’t get it just right anywhere else.

4. Bodega/deli breakfast sandwiches

[via Melissa Hom]

And while we’re at it, special props have to go to New York’s bodegas again. In this city, you’re always on the go and breakfast is no exception. The bodega is once again your best friend.

Hot eggs and cheese on a roll from a bodega in the morning get many New Yorkers’ days off right. Throw on some bacon, sausage or salami for an extra punch. Easy, fast, convenient, and so very good.

You’d be hard pressed to find an excellent breakfast place like a New York bodega anywhere else. Here, they’re everywhere, and

We talked about bagels last time, but we didn’t talk about bialys. And boy, did New Yorkers let us know about it.

They might not be as well known as other pastries, and they keep a much lower profile outside of Gotham, but bialys are beloved by bunches of breakfast buffs.

they have to be good in order to stay in business.

5. Bialys

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