15 Annoying Types of New Yorkers You Un-follow on Social Media

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The best part of the Internet and social media is that anyone can join and say what they want. But the worst part? Anyone can join and say what they want.

And the best part of living New York City is the millions and millions of people you can meet. But the worst part? The millions and millions of people you can follow online.

If you've been meaning to do a little winter cleaning on your social media feeds, go through this list below and hopefully your updates will get a little less annoying.

1. Fitness Instagrams


Fitness blogs are great and all, but isn't the point to post recipes and workout tutorials? Well, you can't do that on Instagram so you just end up posting pictures of your body and showing off. Peace out!

2. Your ex hook-up


Oh, look at that. You took a picture with your new hook-up. You didn't even like to acknowledge my existence outside of the bedroom. Also, you're not so cute anymore in the daylight. No more.

3. The obsessive activist

[via reddit]

Yes, the world sucks and needs changing. But, come on! Can you just enjoy your Au Bon Pain without ranting about the patriarchy! Have you ever heard the phrase “Choose your battles”? Off you go.

4. The Wall Street a**hole

[via Snapchat]

*Rolls eyes* Congratulations. You make a lot of money. You always get bottle service at Avenue; you take an Uber to the subway, and you love selfies with bottle waitresses. Never seen that before.

5. The #OnlyInNewYork tag

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 6.10.55 AM

“Just got Starbucks and now I'm sitting in Central Park! #OnlyInNew York” Um... I think you can get coffee and sit in a park anywhere. The enthusiasm is great, though, I suppose. L8er!

6. Your ex partner

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Oh, look at that! My ex is totally happy and doing better? Aww, that's nice. I'm stressed, broke, and overworked. Aww, my ex has a new partner? I'm alone...un-followed!

7. The secret hater


The secret hater and the regular hater are much different. In person, they'll say they love your new puppy or something, but online they'll post, “God, I hate dogs.” Really? Hmm. Goodbye.

[via reddit]