7 NYC Landmarks Where You Can Hookup Without Getting Caught

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New York’s landmarks are special and timeless for a reason, so why not make them special and memorable in your own way?

Whether you’re looking to make your night more interesting or liven up your love life, New York can provide the perfect landscape for your hookup.

If not, why not just do it for the story? Oh, just make sure you don’t get caught.

1. Empty subway car

That out-of-service or empty subway car offers you plenty of seating and (hopefully) no other passengers to disturb you.

And those handrails and poles are a plus, which could make for some interesting positions. Just make sure you sanitize them beforehand, right?

2. The Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History

[via Dennis Wilkinson/Flickr]

Picture you and your boo under the stars, getting it on to the sounds of some trippy background narration about solar systems and planets.

3. Under the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

[via Anthony Quintano/Flickr]

Once they turn those lights out, anything is fair game. And let's be real, this holiday treat will have you rocking around more than just the Christmas tree-- right?

4. In the bleachers at Yankee Stadium

[via populous.com]

One day, you’ll be a baller in a corporate box, but for now, you’ll settle for those cheap bleacher seats for a seventh inning stretch of your own.

Come on, it will be like your high school wet dream come true!

5. Coney Island

Coney Island is the ultimate destination to make those sex on the beach fantasies come true.

You can even have your pick of places, such as the Wonder Wheel which offers you lots of the secluded space-- just try not to rock the car too much, mmmkay?

6. The roof of your apartment building


With two hundred and fifty Bronx acres of beautiful flowers, trees, and woodsy trails, this is the perfect place for you to indulge in your earthly pleasures.

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You’ve probably got a sick view of the city skyline, so why not make the most of it?

After all, you’ve been dying to do something up there since you moved in, so it’s about time you christened it.

7. The New York Botanical Garden

[via Vivienne Gucwa/Travel This World]