The Comprehensive Guide to NYC's Upper East Side

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There are a lot of awesome places in Manhattan, but the Upper East Side is the best place to live in today's real estate climate.

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Yes, there is construction and yes, the subways are far.

But both of these factors contribute to driving down prices and making the UES affordable-- in addition to it being fun and lively. So here they are, some reasons why the UES is the best place in Manhattan to live right now.

The Midnight Diner (1715 2nd Avenue) 

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I am a fan of diners in general, but I am a specific fan of The Midnight Diner, located at the corner of 89th and 2nd Avenue.

Boasting a diner's typical repertoire of every food you could ever think of to order, this particular diner specializes in the world's most delicious chicken parmesan sandwiches, and like most diners, is open all night long.

I think I mostly like this diner better than all the other diners in Manhattan because it's super close to my apartment, and delivers for free.

Cafe Jax (318 East 84th Street) 

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This is absolutely the best coffee shop I've ever been to in New York City.

It's even gotten to the point where, when I watch Friends, I think about how Cafe Jax is better than Central Perk. For one, it's way bigger.

The entire basement of Cafe Jax is stockpiled with gorgeous couches, comfy chairs, desks, tables, plants, and paintings. The vibe is splendid-- it's perfect for inspiration, motivation, sipping lattes with a date or a friend, or just reading a book and drinking hot chocolate.

Most of the people there are also doing work, having business meetings, chatting with friends, and generally chilling. If you haven't been here yet, hop on the 4, 5, or 6, get off at 86th Street, and make it happen.

Timmy's by the River (1737 York Avenue) 

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This bar/restaurant, located on the corner of 92nd and York, has very balling buffalo chicken wraps, and sweet potato fries, and regular fries, which everyone knows are the best foods in the land.

They also have generally relaxed prices, and a pretty, riverside location. The main reason they make this list though, is their super-speedy delivery.

On Seamless, it'll list that Timmy's by the River will take 30-40 minutes, but this is far from true. In reality, if you order delivery from here, they'll usually have it at your apartment in ten minutes flat. Beautiful!

Supply House (1647 2nd Avenue) 

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I could go on and on about the wonderful ambiance in this bar. It is easily my favorite bar in NYC, and I'm not just saying that because I live 15 blocks away.

I have friends who come from far and wide (by far and wide I mean Brooklyn and the Financial District) to enjoy a night of drinking in Supply House, announcing shamelessly that it's their favorite bar in NYC, too.

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For one, they have live music every single weekday. The highlight of their live music line up is Joss Sticks, a rastafari Bob Marley, โ€œdon't worry be happyโ€ type who vacillates between singing happy beach tunes and some serious punk-rocky tunes like 21 Pilots and Walk the Moon.

He also delights the crowd with his own original tunes. There are, obviously, other bands that play on different nights.

With tons of beers on tap, a dancey-fun atmosphere, an open and lit, wooden interior, the vibes here are just phenomenal.

The Pony Bar (1444 1st Avenue) 

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Also excellent vibes, and very delicious French onion soup, if I do say so myself.

The best part about The Pony Bar is that every beer is $6, and while not luxuriously inexpensive, $6 is certainly a hell of a lot less than most of the places that sell beer in Manhattan.

Yes, I've paid $14 for a shitty can of Bud Light.

Pony Bar
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Also, the beers here are amazing. They always have a rotation of at least 40 beers on tap, and some of them have the absurdly-high alcohol content that produces a giddy, high-on-life drunk.

Namely, me. If you don't live on the UES, don't cry. There's one in midtown too.

The East River

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The Hudson River is really pretty too, don't get me wrong. The two rivers locking in Manhattan are part of what make living here so completely gorgeous - they catch and reflect the sunlight and shout it back up at us daily.

But living so close to the East River is seriously fabulous, especially if you're like me and you love running/biking/walking/marveling at the majesty of earth. If you don't like any of those things, we really can't relate, but I guess you could enjoy the gorgeousness of the East River-- even if you're not in motion.


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And dogs of all sorts. Just take a stroll down 2nd Avenue at any time of day and be met with the happiest, frolicking puppies in all of Manhattan.

Sometimes their owners will even let you pet them. Although... I did meet a really mean pitbull once (not to perpetuate their unfavorable reputation even further).


From the most placid, relaxed and pampered poodles, to the cutest little gold retriever puppies, pretty much every breed, type, and creed of puppy can be found along the Upper East Side's avenues.

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