10 Insanely Annoying Things That Make You Want to Leave NYC

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If there’s anything New Yorkers of all ages love to do, it’s complain. New York City is the ultimate destination that you could love to hate, and sometimes, you do so with very good reason.

I mean, no place or person is perfect, but sometimes there are moments when you stop and say, “Really, NYC?

There are some days when you joyfully want to run through the streets professing your love for this city, but other days, you may want to catch a train or a plane and never look back. That being said, here are 10 insanely annoying things that make you want to leave this city.

1. When someone smokes a cigarette in your subway car

Seriously, what gives, man? The subway already stinks without the addition of your cigarette.

2. Poor subway etiquette

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We’ve all sat next to that one person who spreads their legs comfortably, crosses their arms, and nearly elbows you in the face.

Also, watch out for that lady on the 4/5/6 line in the Bronx who puts her religious pamphlet on your thigh instead of handing it to you.

3. Long lines at MetroCard machines

This is a Saturday problem.

You’re just trying to get home, but your card is conveniently running low on funds-- and the line to buy or refill a MetroCard stretches from the machine to Staten Island.

Patience is a trait rare to New Yorkers, so you stubbornly walk those thirty blocks.

4. Tourists

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From asking you for directions while you’re rushing to work to stopping short in the middle of a perfectly good sidewalk to take a selfie, tourists always have you shaking your first at their odd and inconsiderate behavior.

5. Tourist bus company representatives

They lurk at subway turnstiles and street corners asking you if you want a ride to the Statue of Liberty.

These guys will always have you on the verge of screaming, “Do I look like a freakin' tourist to you?!”

6. Expensive rent

When you put things into perspective, you could probably be renting a Vanderbilt mansion somewhere more remote for the price you’re paying for your super small studio or one bedroom in New York City.

But that's life in the big city.

7. Times Square

There’s a reason why Times Square was once the criminal underworld of NYC.

Sure, it’s much safer now, but those creepy cartoon lookalikes that are harassing you for pictures and tips really don’t give you much of a reason to believe that.

Combined with the tacky tourist culture and painfully slow walking speeds of Times Square visitors, at best, this place just makes you doubt your faith in humanity.

8. Crazy weather

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New York winters are cold, snowy, and windy. New York summers are hot and sweaty. Miserable either way, we know.

The seasons get confused, and sometimes, it’s 80 degrees in October. Why wouldn’t you Google places to live that are always 70 and sunny?

9. Unpredictable commutes

[via Billie Ward/Flickr]

Somedays, your one-hour long commute goes super smoothly, and that’s great.

You simply cannot deal with those instances when you’re forty-five minutes late to work because your subway spontaneously declares its last stop-- when you’re not even halfway through your ride and you have to battle train traffic and transfers all the way to your destination.

10. MTA fare hikes


That twenty-five cent increase doesn’t seem like a lot, right?

Your bank statement about three months from now, however, might disagree.

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