7 Hard Truths Every NYC Server Wishes You Knew

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Everyone knows New York City has some of the best cuisines and dining experiences in the world. And where there are restaurants, there are servers. Despite being an incredibly demeaning job, serving will always be a good go-to job for daily income and flexible schedules.

However, the demeaning part comes from the way many customers treat servers as if they are lesser beings.

If you find yourself having some bad dining experiences, maybe it's time to rethink your attitude.

Next time you decide to yell at your server, keep these 7 hard truths in mind.

1. Bad service is most likely your fault, not your server's

This is the absolute number one thing all restaurant customers need to learn.

When it comes to your servers, what goes around will most definitely come back around. Being nice actually makes them want to serve you. Servers really do want to help you enjoy yourself because it helps them enjoy their terrible job just a little bit more.

However, coming in with a terrible attitude, expecting to be treated like royalty, and putting down your server's character for not getting your refill immediately will lead to more bad service. Your attitude makes all the difference, and passive aggression will only get you kicked out by the manager.

2. They are servers, not slaves


Yes, you are paying your hard earned money for a service, but you are not paying for a servant. Even though the majority of New York restaurants are small, servers still have several other people to attend to. Especially during dinner.

Back in the day, a customer once wrote me a note, detailing why he gave me a 6% tip. One of the points was my failure to constantly keep his cup full of soda. During the 7:30pm dinner rush.

While a server's job is to get you what you want, their job is to also get their other customers what they need and not to stand right by your side, waiting for your next command. Additionally, as stated before, you do not get to decide the quality of their character because they forgot to put your salad dressing on the side.

3. Actually, it's not okay you came in right before closing


This might seem like a small issue, but it's actually pretty annoying. Yes, we all get those late-night cravings, but when you see restaurant staff stacking chairs and cleaning tables, it's pretty safe to say that it's time to close. Trust me, they're not doing closing duties just for fun.

On top of simply coming in, don't be rude and take 2 hours to eat your meal. The restaurant emptied out for a reason and it doesn't mean you can sit back and spend the rest of your night there. The staff was polite enough to serve you so close to closing time, now return the favor and make it speedy.

4. Some mistakes aren't THAT big of a deal

There are two types of people in the world: people who understand that humans make mistakes and people who expect absolute perfection. It's one thing to receive a totally incorrect dish or something you're allergic to, but it's nowhere near the same thing as forgetting to add crutons to your salad or getting tap water instead of sparkling.

You're going to make your life and everyone else's lives much easier by simply relaxing.

You will have your meal eventually, but if you want perfect service, you're free to go to a fine dining establishment where servers are paid salary. Additionally, it's quite easy to see through your attempts at getting a free meal by exaggerating our mistakes. Nice try, now here's the check.