32 NYC Things That Are Better than a Boyfriend on Valentine's Day

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To the single women of New York City, Valentine's Day can be a pretty despicable and dreaded day-- and even more detestable for those who are newly single.

There's countless things to do in the big city to make this holiday a regular day, especially for those who want to hurl at the couples parading their love in the form of generic red roses and bad tasting chocolates.

No worries, I got you, girls. This day is about you and embracing your fabulous single life with your single girlfriends.

This is about Gal-entine's Day, also known as love for your girlfriends day. Here are 32 things that are better than a boyfriend on Valentines Day.

1. Taking a SoulCycle class


2. Staring at your smoking hot SoulCycle instructor

3. A bottomless mimosa brunch with your besties


4. Netflix... evidently

5. Not spending money you don't have on tacky pink gifts and cringeworthy teddy bears

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6. Red wine

7. Going out with your other fabulous single girlfriends to tear up the city's nightlife

8. Yoga


9. Chocolate. Not the Hershey's kisses kind. #IDFWU

10. Happy hour at any dive bar in East Village (you know you want to get ratchet)

11. Dinner with your closest friends at a cool fondue spot on the LES


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12. White wine

13. Nutella crรชpes from Yorkville Crรชperie on the UES

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14. Hitting the nail salon for a mani/pedi. There are so many package deals in the city, how could you resist?

15. Watching a gory movie at The Regal or 50 Shades of Grey, it's your call

16. A strong coffee from La Colombe