10 Awesome Reasons Why It's Better to Be Single on Valentine's Day

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The biggest date-night of the year is tomorrow, and all of the restaurants and stores around NYC are making sure you don’t forget it with their Valentine’s Day advertising. Really, all this makes you think about is if you don’t have a date, how you will not be spending a romantic evening with someone.


But before you sigh about being dateless, take a moment and think about how awesome it actually is to be single in this city on Valentine’s Day.

If you need a little help thinking of why, take a look at these 10 reasons why it's better to be single on Valentine's Day in NYC.

1. Valentine’s Day is not a real thing


You will not be participating in a day where people are basically forced to express their love for their significant other. You know that Valentine’s Day is really just a conspiracy by Russell Stover and the flower industry, right? Anyone who loves anybody will show it everyday-- not on some fake, dedicated day. C’mon now, New Yorkers!

2. No restaurant reservations


Not surprisingly, many NYC restaurant hotspots are already booked up for Valentine’s Day. If you’re on OpenTable’s e-mail list, you’ve probably been getting those e-mail reminders for a while now to hurry up and book a place. Luckily, being single, you either don’t have to worry about finding a reservation for a romantic dinner or you don’t have to fret about whether your date is going to plan something special. Sweet!

3. No buying Valentine’s gifts


Should you get chocolates from Dylan’s Candy Bar? Should you wear some sexy lingerie that you see in the window when you pass by Journelle? Basically, what on earth should you get for this special day? Yep, thankfully you don’t have to worry about any of that because you’re flying solo this year! You’ll save some money and stressing by not having to pick out a gift for your bae.

4. Zero expectations


Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is obviously extremely romanticized. Many people have expectations about what the year’s most hyped-up date night should entail. If your S.O. doesn’t plan a dreamy night out worthy of a chapter in a Nicholas Sparks novel, does that mean he or she doesn’t really care about you that much? Probably not. Nonetheless, expectations tend to run high on this night... but not for you!

5. You can have that bottle of wine... all to yourself


Wine tends to be the drink of choice for couples on Valentine’s Day, and while it may not be the healthiest decision, sometimes you just don’t want to share a bottle of wine with anyone. Being single, you don’t have to worry about that and can enjoy some wine from the corner liquor shop all to yourself. Score!

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