Here's Why You Should Always Live Your Life in the Fast Lane

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Many ways of looking at life, as ideal as they are, can seem really difficult to grasp.

“Live each day like your last,” “have no regrets,” and “don't worry, be happy” are all great ideas, but human emotions get in the way of such positivity.

I am a big promoter of living as positively as possible and we know how hard the city can be to make that a reality. So as a starting place, here are my top reasons to live your life in the fast lane, with no regrets, in New York City.


Literally everyone around you is messing up, too

Making mistakes isn't something you're doing more than others, as much as it can feel that way. While you are a unique person, many parts of your life aren't unique to you.

There is a universally-shared human experience, and messing up is part of that. For the most part, we only see others people's positivity and we compare it to our negativity. What isn't as visible are their mistakes because most people keep those things private.

Also, the positive things in those people's lives may not be as positive as you think. In such an insecure time as our 20s, many people do their best to give off an aura of success to deal with their insecurities. However, such an image gives others anxieties about their lives, as they start to compare their real lives to someone else's image. The only way to avoid that is to never compare yourself to others.

If you're still here, you're doing fine

This is a tough city. Point blank. Only the smartest and hardest working will survive here independently. So if you're still here, week after week and month after month, then that should proof enough that you're doing something right.

You may not be working towards what you want at the moment, but you're one step closer by just being here.

On top of that, don't make excuses for the positive things if your life. Many of us have a decency to think we don't deserve what we have. We'll tell ourselves, “Oh, I just got that out of luck. If this circumstance hadn't happen, I wouldn't have been so lucky.” Whether that's true or not, it doesn't matter. It still happened and you're still doing alright. Take pride in the positivity happening to you, because it's what's keeping you afloat.