The Comprehensive Guide to the Real "Little Italy" of NYC

Let's be honest, Arthur Avenue is one of the best-kept secrets of New York City.

Tucked away within a few charming blocks of the Bronx, Arthur Avenue is home to an array of Italian restaurants, bakeries, delis, and shops that are sure to seduce your palette and never stray far from the back of your mind.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide for all you Italian-lovers and foodies out there in NYC.

Whether you’re looking for a quick slice, a sweet something to snack on, or a decadent dish topped with all the cheese and red sauce your heart desires, Arthur Avenue’s countless venues are guaranteed to deliver.

Addeo & Sons Bakery - Madonia Brothers - Terranova Bakery

If you’re looking for freshly baked bread, cookies, and pastries at a nice price, look no further than these 3 bakeries, all located within walking distance of each other.

Stop in for a crunchy biscotti, or grab a warm loaf of bread to go as you make your way around the neighborhood.


Try their olive loaves or the lard loaves with pork for some satisfying twists on the classic Italian breads.

Casa della Mozzarella (604 East 187th Street)

When the name is literally “house of mozzarella,” you know it has to be good! This is the go-to spot for mozzarella in New York City.

Skip the supermarket Polly-O and pick up a pound of fresh, handmade mozzarella.

If you’re more in the mood for a quick lunch, try one of their sandwiches, featuring their mozzarella plus your favorite combinations of Italian meats and specialties.

The Arthur Avenue Retail Market (2344 Arthur Avenue)


Perfect for one-stop shopping and eating, this covered market has been a fixture in the Bronx since the early twentieth century, and it continues to serve up nothing but the best.

The Arthur Avenue Retail Market boasts fresh produce and meats, a cafe with indoor seating, a pastry shop, a fine and extensive selection of cigars, and an array of local craft beers.

Greco’s Deli is a must for a meaty sandwich, and the Bronx Beer Hall is an awesome bar featuring great beer and a selection of bar food from the market’s other eateries.

And last but definitely not least, the pizza sold in the back corner of the market is perhaps the best-kept secret of the entire neighborhood (trust us on that one).

Randazzo’s Seafood (2327 Arthur Avenue)

For succelent seafood with the taste of the Mediterranean, Randazzo’s Seafood is a must.

They carry a large variety of seafood, from shellfish to lobster tails to freshly caught fish that will help bring Sicily to your dinner table.

Also, an honorable mention goes to Cosenza's Fish Market, as they are located just across the Avenue and carry an amazing selection of seafood as well.

Biancardi's Meat Market (2350 Arthur Avenue)


Biancardi’s is an old-school, southern Italian butcher shop that offers classic and special cuts of meat.

A delight for any carnivore, try their homemade sausages and pancettas for a salty and spicy treat.

Artuso Pastry Shop - Egidio - Palombo Pastry Shop 


Holy. Cannoli. These three pastry shops all have gorgeous, colorful displays of cookies and pastries that will be just as pleasing to the eye as they are to the stomach.


The true treat at these establishments is the cannoli, and we recommend ordering the cannoli in the chocolate dipped shell. Stop in and enjoy one with a cappuccino or bring a box home to share (or just for yourself).

Antonio’s Trattoria (2370 Belmont Avenue)


Although technically not located on Arthur Avenue, Antonio’s Trattoria brings the best of Italian flavors to the Bronx.

They serve classic and comforting Italian plates such as gnocchi caprese and eggplant rolatini that are a must, but don't forget to ask for their specials, which are always a surprising delight.

And don't forget Joe the Bartender, as he tends to be the most memorable part of the overall experience here.


Roberto’s Restaurant (603 Crescent Avenue)


Roberto’s may be nestled on Crescent Avenue off of Arthur Avenue, but it proves to be a hidden treasure of the Bronx’s Little Italy.


This gem serves us fresh antipasti featuring hints of the local cuisine, including fresh mozzarella from Casa della Mozzarella (see previous page), followed by authentic Italian entrees that mainly features a taste of Naples.

Borgatti’s Ravioli and Egg Noodles (632 East 187th Street)


Homemade pasta makers for over 70 years, Borgatti’s is sure to serve quality pasta packed with flavors such as spinach, meat, and ricotta, which always adds a little flair to any home-cooked ravioli dinner.

Pugsley’s Pizza (590 East 191st Street)


What trip to Little Italy would be complete without pizza?!

Pugsley’s is a local treasure, a beloved pizza joint, and a rite of passage for Fordham University students. The pizza is great by the slice or in a personal-sized “love pie,” but the best thing to get here (well, right next to having a conversation with the lovingly-animated owner, Sal) is a chicken roll.

This roll is the most perfect combination of breaded chicken strips covered in pizza sauce and smothered in melted mozzarella cheese, and then rolled into a crisp pizza dough.

If you like a little extra spice, try the fancy buffalo chicken roll covered in wing sauce and don’t forget the blue cheese.

Zero Otto Nove (089) (2357 Arthur Avenue)


Zero Otto Nove (089) is owned by Roberto of Roberto’s Restaurant, so you can expect the same, incredible food straight from Naples.

Check out the pizzas at 089, which boast decadent toppings such as rich butternut squash, spicy pancettas, fresh mozzarella and basil, and tomato sauce made from plump Italian tomatoes.

The seafood risotto is another great choice, topped with tomato sauce and fresh shrimp, mussels, scallops, and clams.

Pasquale Rigoletto Restaurant (2311 Arthur Avenue)


A traditional, cozy place for dinner, Pasquale’s brings homestyle cooking with a touch of family comfort that make it a neighborhood favorite.


Rigoletto serves up Italian favorites, such as chicken parmigiana, that will leave you craving a second-helping for days.

Dominick's Restaurant (2335 Arthur Avenue)


Probably the most old-fashioned restaurant in the neighborhood, you don't order off of a menu at this decades-old gem, and everyone sits and eats family-style. Don't like it? Too bad.

But seriously, you don't know what your missing out on, as their phenomenally-high quality dishes deservedly puts them amongst the best Italian joints in the entire tri-state area.

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