7 Hottest Nightclubs for Snapping Selfies in NYC


New York City is full of landmarks and locations that are great for selfie-taking. Without question, though, our friends over at Tablelist's favorite spots are inside the City that Never Sleep's hottest nightclubs.

Your hair's looking great, there's got a good buzz going on, and you're out with our best friends. What more could you ask for? How about… the perfect backdrop?

From gold skulls to avant-garde graffiti, get Insta-famous in these: the 7 hottest nightclubs for snapping selfies in NYC.

1. Gold Bar (389 Broome Street) 


[via kihlstudios.com]

Hundreds of gold skulls adorn the walls of this subterranean hot-spot, lending the perfect background for your fiercest selfies.


2. Electric Room (355 West 16th Street)


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 Strut down the loading dock from 16th Street, admire all that graffiti artistry, and don't be shy to snap that selfie.

3. 1 OAK (453 W 17th Street #1) 


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Like moths to a flame, 1 Oak's red neon installation draws selfie-takers from far and wide. Who could blame them?

4. Up & Down (244 W 14th Street) 


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The stairs uniting Up & Down seem custom-built for selfies. Snap a mirror pic and don't forget to tag @UADNYC. If you forget, your selfie will remind you.

5. Gilded Lily (408 West 15th Street)


[via nytimes.com]

A giant chandelier pulsing with LED rainbows. At Gilded Lily, the middle of the dance floor is truly selfie-central.

6. PH-D Rooftop (355 W 16th Street)


[via totalguestlist.com]

What could possibly be more epic than to snap a selfie with the Empire State Building itself?

7. The Box (189 Chrystie Street)


[via culturedivine.com]

You'll see the "No Cameras Allowed" signs everywhere. You shouldn't listen… you little rebel, you.

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