6 Hidden NYC Speakeasies You Need to Discover Right Now

Looking for some adventure to get you through this NYC winter? Well, you're in luck, as we've complied this: a whole new list of awesome speakeasies for you to visit in 2015.

While the Prohibition days may have long since come and gone, New York City still has a few clandestine cocktail dens that will bring you straight back to the Roaring 1920s.

Since these hidden hotspots are unmarked or disguised with faux facades, the real hard part is finding these exclusive locations. Happy hunting, New Yorkers...

1. Angel's Share (8 Stuyvesant Street) 

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If you head over to Village Yokocho in the East Village, you may notice a mysterious door that looks like an unsuspecting storage closet at the top of some stairs.

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However, behind this door lies much more than cleaning supplies-- since it is actually the entrance to Angel's Share, an intimate Japanese-style speakeasy.

Everything in this low-key cocktail lounge oozes sophistication, from the cherub-lined walls and candle lit decor to the creative list of seasonally-influenced spirits (made with only the best ingredients by impeccably dressed mixologists).


2. Featherweight (135 Graham Avenue - Brooklyn) 

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Slip through Sweet Science's boiler room, or make your way through the discreet black doors beneath the mural of a boxer hugging his bag on Graham Avenue, and you will find yourself standing in one of Williamsburg's best kept secret spots, Featherweight.

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This hidden bar boasts an old school industrial decor with a cozy ambiance, not to mention a team of mixologists who know how to make some seriously delicious craft cocktails.

Try the Witch's Brew, made with jujube-infused gin, lemon and Gran Classico, and lemon, or, ditch the menu altogether and let one of their bar tender whip up something that suits your taste buds. You absolutely won't be disappointed.

3. 67 Orange Street (2082 Frederick Douglas Blvd.)

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Make your way up to the spot where Almack’s Dance Hall once stood on Fredrick Douglas Blvd., and you find a storefront cloaked in heavy purple curtains.

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However, behind these clandestine curtains you will find 67 Orange Street, a Harlem speakeasy with a hint of southern charm. The nineteenth-century inspired space intertwines new and old, featuring a vintage decor with contemporary elements that perfectly compliment the vibrant, yet intimate atmosphere.

In addition to a killer cocktail list that gives all the classics a modern upgrade, the menu also offers a variety of drool worthy dishes.

Think along the lines of an Ol’ Fashionista, which blends Grand Marnier and bourbon, alongside a bowl of lobster mac & cheese or a heaping plate of chicken & waffles.

4. Attaboy (134 Eldridge Street)

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On a desolate stretch of Eldridge Street you will see a steel door marked with a small "AB." Knock on it, and you will be greeted by a proprietor that will grant you entrance into Attaboy.

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Inside this lively LES speakeasy, you will find whitewashed walls and flickering candles on top of a long brushed steel bar lined with young professionals chatting amidst a backdrop of retro tunes.

As far as the drinks are concerned, there's no menu. You simply tell one of the suspender-clad bartenders what type of drinks or flavors you fancy, and they'll handcraft their own delicious variation of that drink. Surprises never tasted so good.

5. Fig 19 (131 Chrystie Street)

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Make you way towards the back of the brightly-lit art gallery located on on Chrystie Street, and you might notice the outline of an obscure door that seamlessly blends into the white walls.

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Behind this door lies Fig 19, a dimly lit lounge that captures the charming essence of the 1920's. Inside this beautiful bar, you'll find an array of taxidermy birds, beaded chandeliers and intriguing artwork-- as well as the soft glow of flickering candles and a cozy fireplace.

Snag a seat at the bar and you'll discover that this quaint speakeasy has a long list of creative quality cocktails, not to mention Presecco on tap. Yes, please.

6. 124 Old Rabbit Club (124 Macdougal Street)

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Take a stroll down MacDougal Street and you will see a set of stairs with a rabbit painted on the wall, right next to a discreet black door.

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After entering and descending down this secret rabbit hole, you will find yourself standing in the middle of 124 Rabbit Club, a dimly lit subterranean wonderland for beer lovers of kinds.

While you may not find Alice's white rabbit amidst the sprawling display of urban bunnies that line the walls of this shadowy saloon, you will find a list of over 70 types of beer that you can drink until you simply go mad. 

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