14 Places New Yorkers Will Miss Like Crazy... Once They’re Gone

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The frustrating thing about writing a piece like this is how quickly things change. During the research process, two places had to be cut from this article, not because they weren't worthy, but because they'd closed already. We're sorry, Shannon Pot and Crazy Legs Roller Disco. We were too late to help you.

Some of these places are in trouble, some are not, but this is New York City-- things change here in a minute, right? Who knows when leases are suddenly going to skyrocket, and shutter your favorite neighborhood place for good.

Here are 14 places New Yorkers will miss like hell... once they're gone.

1. Union Square Cafe (21 East 16th Street)

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The venerable eatery has thrown in the towel on the rising costs of its location on 16th Street. It will forfeit its lease at the end of 2015, but will reportedly reopen elsewhere. Cheers to another 30 years, Mr. Meyer!

2. BUZZ-A-RAMA (69 Church Avenue - Brooklyn)

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What’s not to love about a place with slot car racing? Nowhere else in New York offers anything like BUZZ-A-RAMA. It’s available to book for parties, if you want something unique for your kids. Or adult friends.

3. Gray’s Papaya (72nd Street)

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It’s hard to believe there’s only one location left. Oh sure, there’s similar places, like Papaya King, but Gray’s led the way. The closing of the shop on 8th Street and 6th Avenue was a shock to New York’s system. You can now only get their famous specials on 72nd street.

4. La Dinastia (145 West 72nd Street) 

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It looks like a Chinese food takeout place, but La Dinastia is the last of a dying breed; Chino-Cuban restaurants. Where there used to be eateries all over The Big Apple, now there are only two left.

5. La Caridad 78 (2199 Broadway)

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The other remaining, and better known, Chino-Cuban restaurant. This was one of the first places this writer dined in upon my early-90s arrival in NYC. There was a lineup to get in, and it was the first time I experienced sharing a table with a stranger, seating was so in demand. The food is still just as amazing as it ever was, but the crowds are a lot thinner.

6. Roy Rogers (401 7th Avenue) 


If you live on the Upper East Side and you are sick to death of Netflix and streaming movies on your laptop, you already know this business. If you don't check them out. If you've only got a vague idea of what you're in the mood to watch, give them an outline, and they'll nail it.

They'll deliver the movie to you (natch) and they'll pick it up too. What's not to like? Keep them around.

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While not a personal choice of this writer, the fast food franchise once had well over 600 locations in the New York area. Now there’s one left in Penn Station.

7. We Deliver Videos (1672 1st Avenue)

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