The Definitive List of Best Drunk Foods in NYC

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Everyone loves eating while drunk, namely for a few reasons. First of all, soaking up all the alcohol before you go to sleep is widely known to quell the horrific morning-after effects of a hangover (and I'm saying this from a strictly scientific standpoint).

Also, food tastes amazing when you're drunk, that's a scientific law. I'm pretty sure Newton discovered that when he discovered gravity, in like, the same day.

Anyway, since food tastes amazing when you're drunk, being drunk in the city with the best food in America is a pretty surreal, hypnagogic experience.

So here it is, my definitive list for the best drunk foods in New York City.

1. Seamless


This is an all-encompassing, amazing option for when you're glittering in the after-effects of a night out on the town, and you've just collapsed on the couch in your apartment.

There are lots of restaurants on Seamless, and they bring delicious sustenance right to your door. All you have to do is push a couple of buttons on your cell phone.

Seamless really cannot be beat by anyone, except Grubhub-- which is the essentially the same app.

The only thing you really need to do is make sure you stay awake before your food comes. I promise, if you wake up in the morning to realize you passed out before your food even came is worse than any hangover you'll ever experience.

2. Diners

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A New York City diner's sheer multitude of options are dizzying: they basically have anything you could ever think of ordering, and their portions are substantial enough to leave you absolutely satiated.

They also have huge glasses of water, which you should definitely indulge in, especially if you're tipsy. Because drinking a lot of water tonight will definitely make you feel way better tomorrow.

They're also, by and large, open all night long-- so rolling up squad-deep at 4 a.m. is completely encouraged.

The best part? They're usually pretty inexpensive. Bottom line is, diners are essentially too good to be true-- except they really do exist. Oh, and if you live on the Upper East Side, order delivery from The Midnight Diner, as they do it for free.

And there is nothing better than free in this town, right?

3. Artichoke Basille's Pizza

[via Yelp]

This is the staple of outstanding, late-night pizza in Manhattan; some may say better than any pizza you'll find anywhere in NYC.

Artichoke is totally worth all the hype, and absolutely worth standing in those long lines that consistently form on late weekend nights. They're open until 5 a.m., so unless you stay out until the sun comes up, you should be good.

With a ton of different, exciting, and fresh toppings (not to mention a gorgeous, sophisticated atmosphere), Artichoke makes the already near-religious experience of consuming late-night pizza something different, something transcendent.

Personal favorites include the artichoke slice (obviously), vodka pizza, and their rendition of a Sicilian slice.

4. Halal carts

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Ahhh, Halal is so delicious.

There's just something about the consistency of their rice, drowned in that delicious sauce, and swirled together with chicken that makes this quintessential after-bar choice so completely satisfying.

It's also super affordable, and these guys are stationed on a lot of street corners, which makes them even more convenient than NYC pizzerias.

5. Dos Toros


Do you like tacos?

I meant to ask, do you have a soul? Well, if you have a soul, you probably like tacos, and Dos Toros has the best, most fresh tacos anywhere in NYC. Slight bummer is that they close at 11 p.m., so you'll probably have to hit up this delectable scene in the midst of your night (that is, in-between bars).

Pluses include that they have six locations in all different neighborhoods, their prices are super reasonable, and they're concerned about sustainability.

This spot is always a good choice, especially if you're getting tired of Chipotle (who the hell isn't at this point, right?) and you want something more authentic in NYC.

6. Dollar slices


For one of the pieces of paper in your wallet, you can acquire thirty bites of transcendent bits of pizza.

Pizza is life, and when pizza only costs a dollar, life is amazing.

Personally, dollar slices are in the top ten best things about living in New York City.

Don't settle for any of the $1.50 imposter storefronts either-- as it's literally guaranteed that there is an authentic dollar slice joint, just around the corner. That $0.50 will buy you half of your next slice, and let's be real here: you can't be wasting that.