15 Painfully-Accurate Emojis For Real-Life NYC Situations

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Thanks to technology, we don't even need words to communicate how we feel anymore. Just send someone a cartoon facial expression and they'll get the message.

However, a happy or sad face doesn't even cut it sometimes, especially in New York City.

If you suddenly receive a martini emoji at the end of the day, you know you've got some drinking and venting to attend to.

Here are 15 painfully-accurate emojis for real-life NYC situations.

1. Waiting for the L train


Don't breathe too hard in or around the L train. The place reeks of hipster, and you don't want to catch it yourself. I mean, really, there must be something in the PBR. Or those beards. Plus, you never really know who's going to get on in or around Bushwick.

2. Brunch


If you wanted a quaint Sunday breakfast, you came to the wrong city. As soon as you see that “bottomless mimosa” sign out front, just slowly back up and walk away. Everything will be fine-- as long as you don't antagonize the yuppies.

3. Going up on a Tuesday


Word on the streets of NYC is that Tuesdays are the new Fridays-- for the creatives and professionals of this town alike. How posh. So say goodbye to those crowded Fridays and Saturdays filled with those amateurs who can't hold their liquor.

4. St Mark's Place


But seriously, why are there so many Japanese restaurants on St. Mark's? How much sushi can one block take? And whatever happened to JapaDog?

5. Waking up barely remembering what happened last night


What did you do last night? Or, more importantly, what did you not do? There's only one person that knows and you must make amends. So rip off the wristband and grab the rosary, so you can start with a clean slate for next weekend.

6. Tinder a**holes


Aww, poor thing. You said “hi” and I didn't respond? I know you totally deserved a response, since you're such a nice person. But you're right, I'm not that good-looking in all honesty and you just messaged me out of pity.

7. When clipboard people approach you


Oh, you're from the Church of Scientology? What a coincidence! I'm a scientologist, too! Well, look at that, I guess you can just skip me. But, those guys over there totally look like they need some help from us. Peace out, cub scout!

8. Hearing “Showtime!” on the subway


Duck and cover! With any luck, you're sitting far from where those guys and their subway gymnastics. But if you've found yourself sitting near the doors, just hope and pray those performers don't lose their balance.