12 Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch This Winter in NYC

Netflix is a wonderful company that provides on demand, streaming shows right to your computer screen (or your TV if you have an HDMI cord or Apple TV), the rise of which has changed the landscape of watching television. Series no longer need to provide cliffhangers to coerce viewers into tuning in week after week.

Instead with Netflix, we can binge watch straight into the next episode. For the very reasonable $8.99 a month, subscribers have lots of fantastic shows and movies right at their fingertips.

For us New Yorkers, Netflix probably means lots of Saturdays, Sundays, and weekday evenings snuggled inside to escape the NYC winter vortex, continuously pressing play on our favorite series.

Looking for the best shows to binge watch on Netflix this winter in NYC? If you haven't seen the following shows, you need to check them out.

1. Friends

[via realfilmcareer.com]

[via realfilmcareer.com]

Yes, that's right, Friends is now available on Netflix. Feeling those winter blues? Want to unwind with some laughs and good feelings before bed? You should visit with some of your most loveable, happy characters on the face of the earth.

Why not watch Joey and Chandler chase a chicken around their apartment? Why not watch Monica fret over every piece of dust? The Friends characters want to hang out with you, too. Oh, Janice's laughter is echoing throughout New York City? That's not your problem, it's Chandler's, and watching him deal with it is hella entertaining.


2. Mixology


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I devoured this show in two days. It's about ten characters who are all at a bar in Manhattan, and trust me, this bar is soooo Manhattan. Everyone's in love, lonely, attractive and completely caught up by the nightlife. There are three guys: Bruce, Tom, and Cal, and they're at the bar because cute, vulnerable Tom just got left by his fiancée. There are other characters too, like other classic tropes you'd find out at any Manhattan bar: Casey, the cute bartender; Maya, bitchy, ruthless, and gorgeous (but secretly sweet); and Jessica, a hot single mom who's here from New Jersey.

The most addicting part of this show is that it takes place throughout the course of a single evening, and I couldn't stop pressing play to find out what who would make out with whom, who'd have their heart broken, who'd go home with their life changed or with everything staying the same. This is the perfect show to binge watch for a weekend in NYC.

3. Louie


[via Louie/FX]

Talk about an antidote for the winter blues, seasons 1-3 of Louie are on Netflix, and if you haven't seen them you need to. They're phenomenal. Louie is silly, but smart, affable and loving. He's trying hard to raise his two daughters in NYC while f**king up a lot in ways that are all genuine, endearing, and absurd. They'll all make you laugh out loud. You think your problems are bad? Louie was on the way to a date with a hot, younger girl on the Highline when he sees someone get shoved under a bus, and watches the bus run over the guy's head.

Louie is smart yet a little sad, hilarious yet bursting at the seams with existential undertones that will leave you feeling understood, satisfied, entertained, and in love with Louie (yeah, my sister had a dream about him last night). The best part is you get to laugh, learn, and feel all at once.

4. New Girl


[via New Girl/Fox]

New Girl is a happy, fun show about a group of adult roommates melding into a family. They have a blast doing it and you'll get so pulled in, you won't be able to stop watching. The characters on this show find a way to make everything fun – even a camping trip with no food, even the end of a relationship you thought would last forever.

Nick finds a way to make everything that might be depressing or stressful into a joke that'll have you gasping for air from hilarity. Jess is caring, empathetic and silly, and never takes anything too seriously (except dessert.) Schmidt DEFINITELY does take everything too seriously, but it's an integral aspect of his charm: he does it in a way that's absurdly entertaining. This show is an instant cheerer-upper and a must-see. Talk to you in twelve hours after you watched the whole first season.

5. Grey's Anatomy


[via Grey's Anatomy/ABC ]

Everything I know about the human body, I learned on Grey's Anatomy. Is that a true statement? I'm not sure, but I do know that Shonda Rhimes nailed it on this one – taking the time to come up with genuine, explanatory backstories for each character that are teased out little by little through the seasons, carefully calculated for that eureka moment when you finally realize why a character does something or is a certain way. This show is an interconnected network of doctors who think with their hearts and feel everything fully, and hurl their viewers into the insane life of surgeons.

You'll definitely learn a lot about your own body by watching this show, and also about what goes on behind-the-scenes in operating rooms. The characters all hook up with each other, and care about each other and their patients, and have true and deep friendships that cross every border – including life and death.

This show will certainly get your blood pumping, as the characters you've fallen deeply, insanely in love with will often have to face their own mortality – and you'll often be sobbing, laughing, and overcome with joy while watching on the couch.

6. Law and Order


[via Law & Order SVU/NBC]

Wanna get your blood pumping? Is it too cold for you to go outside and experience your own adventure? Then Law and Order, Special Victims Unit is perfect, and the best part is that it takes place right here in NYC.

My sister is obsessed with this show, and so are lots of other people – it garners a sort of cult following that you can be a part of if you start watching this show every day, if you memorize the speech on the show's opening credits, and can recite it while you jump up in down in anticipation for your favorite show.

The most satisfying part is that (realistically or not) they almost always solve every crime, so retribution is plentiful. Even though we miss Detective Stabler terribly, Amaro is not so bad to look at.


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