Upgrade! Want $2,000 Worth of Dope Sh*t to Level Up Your Apartment—on Us?

Hey dudes, can we ask you something? Take a look around your apartment. 

Do you still have the butterfly chair from your college dorm? Is there a single thing hung up on your walls? Does it even look like someone lives there?

Or does it look like a man squats there at night nestled in piles of unwashed laundry.

We can't help you with the laundry, but we can fix you up with the opportunity to do some serious #adulting.

We've teamed up with our buddies at Inside Hook, CanvasPop, Ecole, and SmartHome to get you started on getting your sh*t together– and everyone knows that starts at home (or you should, if you don't).

Right now, you can enter to win over $2,000 in goods that is bound to get your place in shape just in time for cuffing season. You're welcome, bros.

First things first, you'll be winning $250 to CanvasPop, where you can turn your own instas and snaps into super dope wall art.

You will also be set up with a Smarthome Voice Control Setup including Amazon Echo to take your pad to a whole other level. 

To top it all off, you'll get $500 towards food and drinks; we'll also be hooking you up with a high end bar cart because why waste your time on $16 cocktails when you can entertain right from the comfort of your own home?


Also, since you won't be a mess anymore, you can't dress like one. You'll be receiving a 3-month subscription to Ecole, the definitive online destination for men to snag stylish menswear. 

They understand that you hate shopping and will use your custom profile to provide you with a handpicked selection of the latest styles and basics you need.

After this, you'll be all set to hibernate aaaaall winter or (maybe for the next four years). Whaaaaat?

Enter right now to win this amazing bundle of everything you need to build the perfect guy's home.

[Feature Image Courtesy CanvasPop.com]