15 Best Places in NYC for Street Art & Graffiti You Absolutely Gotta See This Summer

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Street art exists worldwide, but like rain in Seattle, some of the most lively and colorful street art pours from the walls of New York City.

Letโ€™s face it: you canโ€™t take a stroll around the concrete jungle without stopping to notice some of the beautiful street art and graffiti.

NYC attracts artists from all around the world, so itโ€™s no mystery that street art and graffiti can be found in all five boroughs.

From galleries, exhibitions, murals, bathrooms, sidewalks and train stations, a true artist will paint just about anywhere to tell you a story.

Discover below some of the best and exciting new art spaces that bring our city to life!

1. #MakeuptheWall - Zeehan Wazed (Soho - until July 23rd)

fashionkills_01 Thank you all for coming to our #makeupthewall series, it was Bananas ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

Make-up Pro New York and A.R.T.S.Y Magazine have joined forces to unveil the latest artwork of artist and designer Zeehan Wazed.

Enter into a makeup salon in Soho, to experience art inspired by beauty, fashion and movement. Apart from the mural, vibrant pieces of Wazedโ€™s artwork surround the salon at 365 Broome Street.

Having a passion for art since he was young, the Queens native artist, reveals that painting murals is something he recently dabbled with, until last year. Known for his black and white trademark style, Wazed surprises us with a palette of bold colors for his new mural #makeupthewall.

Closely intertwining his love for shape theory and perception psychology, Wazed shares, โ€œI tried to hide makeup objects in my linear-based style and used colors from a makeup pallet. It took a total of 5 days painting the entire salon.โ€

In collaboration with A.R.T.S.Y, Wazed is the second artist of the month for Make-up Proโ€™s #makeupthewall series, a project that celebrates self-expression and serves as a platform for artists to showcase their work. 

2. Welling Court - various artists (Astoria)

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Have you heard? The seventh annual Welling Court Project has adorned the walls of Astoria with more than 100 murals this summer.

Beautifying the neighborhood since December 2009 with their first mural, Ad Hoc Art along with Welling Court resident Jonathan Ellis, used the rest of the winter to later plan the launch of the first multi-block mural project in May 2010 that would compromised over 44 colorful murals.

This yearโ€™s Welling Court Mural project, includes the works of Abe Lincoln Jr, Bishop203 and Icy & SotYou can witness these aesthetically pleasing pieces this summer, at Welling Court, between 30th Avenue and 12th Street.

3. โ€œUntitledโ€- Zeehan Wazed (Brooklyn)


If you would like to see more of artist Zeehan Wazedโ€™s work this summerโ€ฆ.youโ€™re in luck!

He has another mural piece situated in Brooklyn, and unlike his #makingthewallpiece where he used bold and vibrant colors, this larger mural incorporates his popular black and white signature style. Also, it took Wazed 3 days to complete this large project.

Donโ€™t miss out in checking out his mural this summer, which can be found at 1067 Pacific Street, between Pacific and Classon Street in Brooklyn.

4. โ€œBig City of Dreams" - Tristan Eaton (Little Italy)

sarahhunter.co "New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There's nothing you can't do. Now you're in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new. But lights will inspire you. Hear it for New York" #nyc #newyork #dream #tristaneaton

Youโ€™ve probably spotted a plethora of art pieces while roaming the streets of Little Italy.

โ€œBig City of Dreamsโ€ by Tristan Eaton is a remarkable piece that took a span of a week to complete. The piece was commissioned by L.I.S.A. (Little Italy Street Art) Project, a non-profit organization and mural arts program dedicated to bringing street artists from diverse backgrounds in Little Italy.

Using his unique style of patchwork imagery, Los Angeles based artist Tristan, created a striking art piece of American fashion model Gigi Hadid. The four-story piece is located on Broome Street between Mulberry and Lafayette Street in Soho.

5. Graffiti Hall of Fame (East 106 Street & Park Avenue, Harlem)

twin_bubbies First stop on the #birthplaceofhiphop tour.

When you think of โ€œ106 & Park,โ€ a music video show probably comes to mind, right? 

Yet for many Harlem residents in "106 & Park," it stands for an art movement created by neighborhood activist โ€œSting Rayโ€ Rodriguez. Graffiti Hall of Fame or El Museo Del Barrio is a notable street-art site in a playground that dates back to 1980. 

Rodriguez founded the hall as a way for the city's most talented graffiti artists to exhibit their skills. Enjoy some underground art this summer from some of the greatest graffiti artists of all time including Seen, Revolt, Beam and Doze.