New Season, New TV! 14 Things We Are Definitely Watching This September

The sun's going down earlier, the leaves are changing, Starbucks is shoving Pumpkin Spice Lattes down our throat again– we know what that means.

Pilot season.

This year, however, we aren't going to pledge our hearts and precious screen time to NBC comedies that will be canceled after four episodes. 

We've been hurt too many times before. 

So instead, check out this list of movies that you don't have to commit to, definite hits, and binge-able content.

1. Disney Movies!

Starting this month, Netflix becomes the exclusive streamer of Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar's new releases– so we might not get all the classics but we're definitely getting Zootopia.

2. Narcos - Season 2

One of the super annoying things about Netflix originals is that while we love being able to watch an entire season in two days, waiting a whole year for the new season kind of sucks when you've only really ever watched the show for... two days. It's really easy to forget why we cared about the show in the first place.


However, the Facebook Live broadcast revealing the first eleven minutes of this Netflix's crime drama's Season 2 completely reinvigorated our interest in this series.

This will be binge-ready on September 2nd.

3. Atlanta

We have some seriously high hopes for Donald Glover's new dramedy on FX, which is about two cousins navigating the Atlanta rap scene.

The pilot airs September 6th.

4. One Mississippi

If you haven't watched any Tig Notaro standup (watch her HBO special) you are seriously missing out. New episodes of this dark comedy, which is inspired by Notaro's life, hits Amazon on September 9th but you can already check out the pilot.

5. Mr. Robot - Season 2

UGH, why are these seasons so short? What's going on, USA?

Season two's finale, Episode 12, airs September 14th. 

6. The Beatles: Eight Days A Week - The Touring Years

Hulu is finally dropping Ron Howard's much anticipated music documentary, on this small indie band you've probably never heard of, on September 17th. 


Featuring new and enhanced footage of The Beatles' live shows, this is definitely one documentary you won't want to save for the night you have no plans.

7. Snowden

Joseph Gordon Levitt ditches his skinny tie to portray the story of whistleblower Edward Snowden, who leaked classified NSA files in 2013, and sparked a national conversation about privacy. You might want to google the dude on the train before you go if you're blanking rn. 

It opens nationwide on September 16th. 

8. Bridget Jones' Baby

This also hits theaters on September 16th if Snowden doesn't look like your jam. 

Did we need another one of these movies? Nah. But we do really miss McDreamy. Like a LOT. 

9. The Magnificent Seven

Chris Pratt could star in a dramatic reading of his Wikipedia page and we'd probably go out and see it. This also looks like it'll be pretty damn fun, not going to lie.

It'll be in theaters September 23rd. 

10. The First Presidential Debate

Is it possible to be tired of an election season that's barely started yet? Remember, when we hit this first debate, airing on whichever news channel you feel like watching it on, on September 26th, we're thaaat much closer to the end of this madness.

You might not even have to watch this one, you could just catch the SNL spoofs and pretend you did.

11. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

We feel that Eva Green is waaaay too underutilized as an actress. Give us Eva Green in everything. RIP Penny Dreadful.

This comes out in theaters on September 30th.

12. Luke Cage

Hopefully they can keep up but so far, Marvel on Netflix has KILLED IT and if the trailer is any indication, Luke Cage is going to follow suit (which may or may not feature Luke's yellow shirt).

Until September 30th, which is when the first season will be available to binge-watch straight through, you might want to check out Jessica Jones for an introduction and also um because it's f*cking awesome.

13. The Princess Diaries

It's going to be on HBOGo, why the f*ck not? 

14. Not The CW Network

If you're someone who catches their TV the next day on Hulu and you watch Jane The Virgin, iZombie, or anything on the CW, you're sh*t out of luck. 

Since the CW is now in partnership with Netflix, Hulu won't be able to stream new episodes after they air anymore. Thanks Obama.

Where are we supposed to watch season twenty six of Supernatural now?

[Feature Image Courtesy ScreenRant] 

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