It's getting to that point where we can see our breath when we walk outside in the morning, and there's only so much a Peppermint Mocha Latte can do to help.

The real antidote to the chilly weather is simple. Stay inside.

To keep you company, we've rounded up the best movies and TV shows coming out in theaters and for you to stream online (Netflix did not f*ck around this month).

Can we just talk about one thing for a second though?

It seems like in the entire nostalgia heavy year, November is shaping up to be the most nostalgic. Another Harry Potter movie. New "Gilmore Girls" episodes. A freakin' Tom Hanks movie marathon (yep, scroll down).

By January, are we already going to be nostalgic of 2016? When will the nostalgia end? Nostalgia doesn't even sound like a real word anymore!

But let's be real, we really should have titled this "13 Other Things You Can Watch After You Burn Through Gilmore Girls Way Too Fast."

Binge away!

1. 13th

Okay, we fucked up and didn't have it on the preview for last month. Our bad. But we couldn't just not mention such an important film. We know hearing that a movie is "important" might not make you want to watch it, but you really should.


In case you haven't already seen/ heard of this powerful documentary, it explores the loophole in the titular 13th amendment that allows Americans to legally enslave the incarcerated and the prison system is racially biased against black men.

Heads up, you'll probably cry.

2. "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"

Um, is there anyone who ISN'T ridiculously excited for the revival of everyone's favorite show (editor's note: Um, like I can name 18 or so people)? If it's not yours, you just don't know it yet (the original show's already up on Netflix, so catch up, STAT).

Netflix will be releasing four 90-minute episodes that will reunite us with Lorelei and Rory. We don't know whether we're going to binge it or try and savor the episodes but– ah we don't have self-control like that.

Let's be real, you know that this drops on November 25th. 

3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

If there's something we're even more excited to see than the new Gilmore Girls, it's A NEW HARRY POTTER MOVIE.

Who else has already dug out the Gryffindor scarf they crocheted themselves when they were 14? Uh, we mean, what? Anyway, we're way psyched, considering what a mess the Cursed Child script ended up being.

Lucky for us, this won't be the last of the Wizarding World we'll see. Last month, J.K. Rowling confirmed that this will only be the first in FIVE f*cking Fantastic Beasts movies. We're not even sure we want that many. Never mind, we do.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them comes out in theaters on November 18th. Midnight release, anyone?

4. Moana

The newest animated Disney film will tell the story of a teenage Polynesian princess who sets sail on an epic adventure.

As if the visuals aren't enough to attract you to this movie, Lin-Manuel Miranda was one of the soundtrack's composers, and it will also feature the musical and vocal stylings of The Rock. 

Moana hits theaters on November 14th.

5. Under the Sun

This portrait of everyday life in North Korea is a must watch. 

Director Vitaly Mansky shot this documentary under heavy supervision from the usually tight-lipped country; he was given a script, his subjects were selected for him, he was only allowed to shoot certain scenes, and footage deemed unacceptable was deleted.

However, by keeping the cameras rolling all day, he managed to catch the North Koreans overseeing the scenes "direct" the action and coach the subjects on how they wanted their lives to be portrayed– his crew kept duplicate memory cards of the footage and snuck it out of North Korea.

You can watch it on Netflix on November 11th.

6. Undecided: The Movie

We know you're all sick of the election but this political mockumentary on Netflix showcases all the wackiness of the primaries– it also makes you nostalgic for when we were all thinking it couldn't get any worse. 

Anyway, if the video above of the creators of this movie, BLAH AND X, trolling FOX "News" pundit Jesse Twatters doesn't make you want to check it out, we don't know what will.

7. The Ivory Game

Yeah, we're hitting you with another documentary. Sorry, guys! But it was produced by Leonardo Dicaprio, if that provides any incentive.

The Ivory Game addresses the black market ivory trade, exposes elephant poachers, and warns about the very real potential extinction of the world's elephant population. Variety describes the film as a "non-fiction animal-rights thriller," which also sounds pretty damn intriguing.

It will be on Netflix and will also open at the IFC Center on November 4th. 

8. "Michael Che Matters"

Um, Netflix decided to not give this a trailer?

But don't miss the "SNL" Weekend Update co-anchor and former "Daily Show" correspondent's first hour-long comedy special. It goes up on November 25th.

9. "Dana Carvey - Straight White Male, 60"

You can catch this "Saturday Night Live" alum and Emmy-winning comedian's latest stand-up special on November 4th on Netflix.

Look forward to some familiar impressions if you're already a fan of Carvey's older work, and some musings on raising millennials, the joys of aging, and more. 

10. "The Crown"

This very expensive Netflix original, which comes out on November 4th, looks like it's going to be some serious period drama porn.

"The Crown" traces the life of Elizabeth II from her wedding day in 1947 to the present day. Get ready for some big dresses, a bunch of tiaras, and we have a feelings, some corgis.

11. "3%"

Didn't we say that Netflix is seriously giving us too much to watch? This Brazilian thriller series is a reboot of a 2011 web series and is set in a post-apocalyptic future and we think enough time has passed since the last Divergent movie that we can stomach YA dystopia again.

In this scenario, at the age of 20 the residents of the impoverished "Inland" are allowed to apply to the "Process," which gives them the chance to move to the bougie island of "Mar Alto"– but only 3% succeed.

Get ready to binge it on November 25th.

12. The Jungle Book

If you didn't get a chance to see this year's live action adaptation of both the original works by Rudyard Kipling and the beloved Disney classic, you're in luck since it's coming to Netflix at the end of the month on November 30th.

Not only was the movie well-received by critics, but it also features the voices of a pretty great cast of people, including Bill Murray as Baloo, Ben Kingsley as Bagheera, Idris Elba as Shere Khan, Lupita Nyong'o as Raksha (who isn't in the animated original), and Scarlett Johannson as Kaa.

13. Tom Hanks: A Tribute at MoMA 

America's official dad has been making movies we love for over 30 years now, but when was the last time you saw one of them on the big screen? Catch Tom Hanks classics like A League of Their Own (1992), Big (1988), and even Toy Story (1995).


The screenings start at November 8th until November 14th. Check out the full schedule and reserve your tickets at the MoMA's website

14. Almost Famous 

Make sure you watch the best movie of all time, in one writer's completely unbiased opinion, before it leaves Netflix on November 23rd.

Chronicling the journey of a teenage rock journalist while he follows around a 1970's rock band, this should really be a super annoying coming-of-age story, but somehow, it's not.

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