It's a Roller Coaster Ride: 14 Emotions New Yorkers Experience on Any Given Day

New Yorkers go through a lot in a single day. In New York City, there's a ton going on in the streets, the buildings, the subways, and the cars.

There's also a lot happening internally. In a single day, any given New Yorker might tumble through tons of different, extreme emotions.

We might be thrilled about our jobs in one moment and exhausted and yearning for our beds in the next.

We might feel like the champion of the streets, swerving through everyone to get to the subway one minute, and furious and in the mood to start a fist fight because we missed the train the next minute.

Really, when it comes to feeling feelings in NYC, it truly is a roller coaster. Read on to find out what emotions a New Yorker experiences on any given day.

1. Relief

betches The truth shall set you free (@shekeepsmebalanced)

You're shaken awake by your alarm, and you reach for your phone in a panic, convinced that you've overslept, and you're going to miss work and get fired.


When you check your phone, though, you still have an hour left to sleep. Relief floods your entire body and you roll on your stomach and revel in how incredibly comfortable your bed is and how amazing your life is.

2. Dread

betches Finalsssssss

This time, when your alarm goes off, you have to get up in ten minutes. Actually, no, you have to leave in ten minutes.

Sometimes you confuse the time you have to leave with the time you have to get up, which leaves you sprinting around your apartment, barging in on your roommate's shower to get your toothbrush, and not trying at all on your appearance.

Still, though, you have those ten minutes, and you spend most of them with the covers pulled up to your nose, scrolling Instagram, Facebook, and your email, dreading the moment you'll absolutely have to leave your bed.

3. Acceptance

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If you don't get up now, you're going to be late for work, again. So, you have to just settle into a morbid acceptance that, no, you won't get to stay in bed all day.

With a huge amount of effort, you wrench yourself out of the beauty and comfort of your bed, stumble into the bathroom shivering, brush your teeth, and choose an outfit.

The whole thing happens in this sort of numb stupor where you're mostly just sad it isn't Saturday.

4. Perseverance

betches Mean but true

So you're outside, in the cold, trekking up hills on NYC's streets to get to the subway.

You feel completely powerful and in control. You're passing mad people on the street, striding past everyone.

You're a completely bad ass New Yorker. You've totally got this. This day has nothing on you.

You put on a totally inspirational jam and rock out, getting ready to win all day at work today. You also take some time to look around the city and marvel at how beautiful it is, with its honking cabs and shining sun, impressive buildings and street carts.

It's moments like these you love being a New Yorker.

5. Hope

spoilednyc ✔️✔️✔️

You sprint across the street, run down the steps to the subway, and pull out your MetroCard with the speed and efficiency only a true New Yorker could.

You can hear the train coming while you're rushing down the stairs, and you can see your train flashing "0 Minutes," in orange.

You think you're going to make it. You increase your stride, and you see the doors starting to close. You make eye contact with the conductor, silently pleading they'll open the doors for you.

6. Frustration

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Except, the doors close in your face.

There's nothing worse than making the train and watching it pull away. You start having thoughts like, "If only I woke up 30 seconds earlier." 


The next train is supposed to come in two minutes, and now you're probably going to be two minutes late to work.

There's really nothing you can do about this frustration, though, so you try to take deep breaths and remember all the hope and perseverance you felt earlier today.

7. Complacency

girlwithnojob Me as a businesswoman (@boywithnojob)

You're on the subway, and you had to squeeze yourself into a seat where you didn't really fit.

Another day another dollar. You pull out your book and settle back into the seat, trying to ignore the fact that your thighs are touching the people next to you.

When the subway screeches up to your stop you get off the train and try not to think about the fact that you're seven minutes late.


8. Happiness

spoilednyc LOVE. ❤️❤️❤️ #spoilednyc (@cecilelef)

You just chugged your coffee, and coffee is your favorite. If you're a New Yorker, we feel confident about stating that coffee is your favorite. Coffee has got to be the best beverage ever invented.


You love your job! You're so happy to see your coworkers. You pull up your work and get started.

9. Determination

girlwithnojob Being able to make my rent has always been a dream of mine (@mytherapistsays)

Luckily, there's free coffee at your job, so you've drank like three cups.

You feel so inspired, so determined, and so ready to kick butt. You respond to your emails like a boss. You're crossing items on your checklists like you're the champion of all checklists. You kill it in your meetings because you're the victor of meetings.

10. Hunger

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After all that hard work, hunger starts to set in. You check the clock, and it's 12 p.m. You guess that's technically late enough to have lunch, but there's a lot going on in your head at this time.

You decide not to go get lunch until you finish your next task, but you're having trouble concentrating on your task because of how hungry you are.

Eventually, you decide to just run out, grab lunch, and bring it back. Lunch is so delicious, and you're so happy while you're eating it. Lunch is the best.

11. Exhaustion

friend_of_bae Haha yes I'll get those tps reports into the idea machine right away sir ;)~

Oh man. You definitely should have had a smaller lunch than you did. What were you thinking? You know two slices of pizza and French fries act as sleeping pills.

You fantasize about a situation where you lived across the street from your job, so you could sleep on your lunch break. Except, you couldn't afford to live in this area.

You check the clock. The four hours you still have to work seem daunting.

12. Excitement

girlwithnojob Never not relaxing

Now, there's only one hour left of work. You can't wait to leave work, shower, put on your pajamas, and order Seamless.

You are going to relax so hard when you're home. You deserve it.

13. Ecstasy

girlwithnojob It's 5 o'clock, don't touch me (@bruisersbill)

Finally, you finish your last task, send it in, and close your computer. You could not get out of work faster.

You put on your coat, say the most rushed goodbye to your coworkers of all time, and get out of the building. 


Once you're outside, you're ecstatic. The streetlights flood through you, and it's freezing outside and you feel so unbelievably exhilarated. You never feel so free at any time throughout the day as when you leave work.

14. Thrill

girlwithnojob Is that so much ask ?????

The thrill and happiness you feel when you're home, showered, in your pajamas and eating your Seamless sushi on the couch is completely unparalleled. 

You Netflix and chill so hard ... with yourself. The saddest moment is when your sushi is finished and your show ends, but then you get to sink into your wonderful, comfortable bed that you missed dearly all day long.

You close your eyes and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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