Okay so being outside in the summer rocks (Le Duh).

But what rocks a tad more are all the things you need to watch this July. 

So because we love throwing a sh*t load of information at you guys, here's a list of things you just gottttaaaaa see in July. 

Side note: If you're one of those cool kids who has a projector screen (shouts to my bro Sebastian) then throw one (or all) of these flicks on THAT, and host a lit party. 

BOOM. Ya welcome. 

1. Game of Thrones – Season 7 (HBO)


Actually, I've never seen GoT and I know I might be harassed for saying that, but it's the damn truth. And momma didn't raise me to be a liar, so. REGARDLESS, YOU'RE GONNA WANNA WATCH THIS IF YOU'RE A FAN. 


2. Selena (HBO)

Do I really need to explain this? Selena is a God sent angel taken too soon. And this film will never get old as long as her music lives on. Also, 10/10 will make you sob. 

3. Friends From College (Netflix)

CAN'T. F*CKIN. WAIT. This looks to be one of the most genuinely hilarious concepts of life– post college. Check Netflix for its release July 14th. You really don't wanna be late on this. 

4. The Incredible Jessica James (Netflix)

Netflix has been stepping its game up for REAL lately and we don't hate it. Like not even in the slightest. This new show is about a badass, independent NYC woman (like many of you) living as authentically and humorously as possible. CHECK IT. 

5. The Standups (Netflix)

It's out! This is the compilation of comedians you've been waiting for. Unless you hate humor, then IDK what to tell you. This special showcases 6 comedians who are funnier than comprehensible. #ROFLCOPTER 

6. To the Bone (Netflix)

Okay. This one might be triggering. It's about a young woman dealing with Anorexia Nervosa and while it has a light-hearted tone, it conveys a powerful message about love, life, and all things real. 

7. Ozark (Netflix)

There's something to be said about trailers showing a series of semi-violent clips while a heavy beat plays in the background. If this trailer catches your attention, make sure to watch Ozark on Netflix when it premiers with all episodes July 21st. 

8. Rogue One (Netflix)

Star Wars fans, this one's for you. If you can't get enough of action and intergalactic warfare, make sure to check out Rogue One on Netflix. It's epic, to say the least. 

9. Okja (Netflix)

With a Jungle Book-esque vibe, this heartfelt movie is intense and passionate. It depicts raw emotions of the relationships that humans have with animals, especially when those animals exhibit potential profit. Will love or lucrative ambition prevail? Watch this riveting movie and let us know. 

10. The Big Sick (Theaters)

This movie stars the insanely comedic Kumail Nanjiani. It's surely a must-see, especially as it redefines the classic definition of Rom-Com. See it on a date, or with friends, or alone. We recommend the two former options, but, ya know. Up to you. 

11. Baby Driver (Theaters)

Action. Drama. Romance. An adult named Baby. And some sick f*ckin music. Those are pretty much the basics of this movie, so it's a strong suggestion on our list. 


12. Spider-Man (Theaters)

We obviously love the OG Spider-Man movie. You know, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst being badasses and such. But this new Spider-Man, well, it looks pretty cool. 

With younger stars, older stars, and an overall fresh twist on a classic, we don't really know who asked for this movie, but let's be real, we're gonna go see it.

[Feature Image Courtesy Junkee]