12 Things New Yorkers Do to Put Their Phones in Jeopardy on a Daily Basis

For something that ultimately functions as our lifeline—we use it to talk to other people, to order food, to show off our #blessed lives, to distract ourselves from our morning commutes, to find potential romantic partners—we certainly treat our phones like sh*t.

A New Yorker’s lifestyle is just not conducive for treating cellphones with care.

Think of all the things you do on a regular basis that put your phone in jeopardy. It’s really a wonder it’s still working at all.

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And when it does break—trust us, at some point, in some way, you will break your phone—you’ll want it to be fixed fast. Because as bad as you treat it... you can’t live without it.

Say hello to Puls, the best possible way to get your phone—or almost any other device—fixed by certified Savers that come to you, fix any number of issues you might have, and then leave you with a lifetime guarantee on the repairs. 

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That’s right, no hassling with finding a shop near your office on your lunch break or leaving your apartment when you can barely shuffle to the kitchen for a Gatorade.

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As for putting your phone in jeopardy, commiserate with these moments of despair knowing that most of these are unavoidable, but none of them are beyond repair. 

1. Dropping it while paying cash at a coffee cart

You’re not a fully functioning human before caffeine. Hence you should probably be more careful with your phone while digging through your bag for change to pay for said caffeine.

2. Ruining the side buttons with grease from your Sunday morning BEC

Look, you were too hungover to deal with napkins. That’s what the BEC was for in the first place.

3. Catching the foot of a showtime performer

They kicked your phone halfway down the subway car and ran out the doors before you could retrieve it.

4. Spilling a unicorn / mermaid / other fantasy creature latte on it

Word to the wise: any Starbucks drink that is more than one color is not worth it.

5. Leaving it sit out in the Central Park sun too long

You didn’t realize your phone was overheating until you wanted to post an Instagram of Sheep Meadow but that “Temperature!” screen won’t go away. How will everyone know you were here?!

6. Using it as a shield when a group of tourists head your way

Before you could divert your path, you were surrounded. You tried to block their advances by raising your arms...which only served to elevate your phone even higher for it’s inevitable fall.

7. Snapping your headphone jack inside of it on your morning commute

You go through subway turnstiles every damn day, but sometimes they still get the best of you—your headphone cords got caught and snapped right off, leaving your jack stuck right up in your phone.

8. Blowing the speakers blasting music to drown out your roommate(s)

Whether you didn’t want to overhear any Riverdale spoilers as it’s blaring in the living room, or you didn’t want to experience their lovemaking secondhand, you might have overdone it on the volume.

9. Killing your battery playing Candy Crush on the subway

Thanks to your addiction, your phone barely even lasts through your morning commute without dying.

10. Sitting next to a someone sneaking booze in the back of an Uber Pool

They thought they were being slick... until they spilled all over the seat and your phone that was sitting on it. But now you can borrow their phone, call up Puls, and they can meet you at your destination for that quick fix. 

Also, should you happen to reciprocate their clumsiness in a moment of weakness, you can just hang out with them while you both get your phones fixed. 

11. Getting crumbs from your Seamless order lodged in your charging port

You literally ordered food to your door, it’s not like you were gonna get out of bed to eat it.

12. Earning an angry outburst from a fellow New Yorker after trying to walk and text while using an umbrella  

You’re not 100% sure that person shoulder-checked you on purpose after you accidentally poked them with your umbrella three times, but they definitely didn’t feel bad when your phone went flying into a puddle.

There Is Still Hope for Your Broken Phone—Check Out Puls Right Here.

[Feature Image Courtesy New York Daily News] 

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