12 Delicious New Restaurants You Seriously Need to Try Out This October

New season, new you.

Now that it's fall in NYC, sorry, but your fave summer lunch spot just won't cut it anymore.

Lucky for you, this city is a revolving door of yummy new restaurants just begging you to try them out.

In the mood for Cal-Mex? Korean? Gumbo? Trust us, we gotchu.


1. Jeju Noodle Bar (679 Greenwich Street)


Cup Noodle Soup was most likely your go-to in college, but get ready to graduate to a higher level of noodle-goodness.

Catch the subway downtown to Greenwich Village for this new ramyun haven. As the first standalone restaurant in NYC dedicated to the authentic Korean dish, it boasts a Michelin-starred chef/owner. So you know you're getting the best from the short, yet flavor-packed menu of authentic Jeju Island comfort food.

2. Rice & Gold (50 Bowery Street )


Get a taste of an Asian destination less ventured for tomorrow's breakfast.

This year, authentic Filipino embarked on its NYC takeover. Now, with the help of Top Chef Dale Talde, Filipino style is setting the table in Chinatown. 

You'll find Rice & Gold on the ground floor of Hotel 50 Bowery with its flavorful, yet unexpected Filipino offerings, like dumplings! Now, soup dumplings and arroz caldo are the keys to a balanced breakfast.

3. Calito (265 Canal Street)

Because that trip to Cali may be WAYYY out of your budget, this new Cal-Mex taco stand is your new best friend. NYC is notorious for overpricing authentic tacos. But Calito has slipped into Canal Street Market to provide us with top-notch hand-pressed Cal-Mex tacos at just $3.87! 

While you could just stick with their yummy tacos, order up some nachos, quesadillas, and plates like pollo asado for your next lunch date in Chinatown. And don't forget to choose from their heavenly array of hot sauce options!

4. Pasta Flyer (510 6th Avenue– Manhattan)

Quality pasta guaranteed to be cheaper than a Chipotle burrito with guac? Hand over all the pasta now!

At Pasta Flyer, it's all about your preference. Build your own fine Italian pasta dish for no more than $10 per bowl. You'll choose from three different types of pasta (including gluten-free) and three sauces (tomato marinara, basil pesto, and meat ragu for an additional $1). 

Then, to top it off, choose between pork sausage meatballs, garlic bread crumbs, and whipped ricotta cheese ranging from just 50 cents to $1. If all of this doesn't seem to give you a big enough food baby, add on a side, like garlic knots, spicy broccoli rabe, fried cauliflower, or a salad with braised lentil dressing and pecorino cheese.

I see you, Pasta Flyer, fulfilling all of our Italian food dreams!

5. Public Kitchen (215 Chrystie Street)


Now, you can indulge in your guiltiest pleasures even more at Nolita's Public Hotel.

While the weather is still cooperating, the elegantly-designed patio area is the perfect place for brunch or a sunset dinner. With its own wood-burning stove, expect nothing less than the best, yet unique pizza offerings, including black truffle farm egg and tomato, mozzarella, and chipotle chili powder.

6. Ikinari Steak (90 East 10th Street)


Japanese fast food has just arrived in the East Village, bringing your fast food game to a whole other level.

As the first U.S. flagship of this popular Japanese quick-service chain, there's no sign of McDonald's mystery meat here. This may not be the best sit-down restaurant, as there are only 10 seats and 40 standing spots. 

However, the quality meat and veggies, with an array of savory sauce options for a moderate price is known for giving patrons an out-of-your-seat experience. Opt for upscale fast food for your next lunch break.

7. Sugar Freak (37-11 30th Avenue– Queens)


You def can't pass up a place that insists you get your Sugar Freak on!

While NYC certainly has no lack of great NOLA/Cajun-inspired grub spots, Sugar Freak provides traditional dishes with its own signature twist. Enjoy everything from waffle tacos to deep friend banana pudding in an eclectic space designed to attract upcycling, and repurposing junkies.

8. While in Kathmandu (758 Seneca Avenue– Queens)


For the perfect alternative to your typical Indian dinner, cross the border to this Nepalese restaurant in Astoria.

Get the ultimate taste of Nepal in the streets of NYC at While in Kathmandu. The new restaurant, which is a testament to owner Bikash Kharel's childhood in Nepal and NYC, combines Nepalese flavors with traditional NYC staples. 

Dishes just waiting to be devoured, like your everyday bacon-egg-and-cheese but with curry pancakes, tomato chutney, and potatoes seasoned with cumin, are waiting for you to order up. With live bands composing the perfect soundtrack to your tastebud vacation, you can't go wrong by dining While in Kathmandu.

9. Belly (219 Grand Street– Brooklyn)


Low-key, this place totally gets your passionate devotion to bacon, which is super far from low-key.

As the Korean restaurant's website explains, you will be taken on a journey of different textures, cuts and preparations of pork omakase– basically showing your bellies all the love. You can either go with tasting menus or the a la carte menu, depending on how adventurous you are. 

You'll even get a professional drink pairing suggestion for the 9-course option for the ultimate bacon flight! As Belly's chefs combine traditional omakase with flavors across cultures, you'll never look at bacon the same way again.

10. The Gumbo Bros (225 Atlantic Avenue– Brooklyn)


You finally have another reason to head to Cobble Hill this month.

One of NYC's newest Cajun/Creole food joint has finally arrived in Brooklyn. While it's title basically shouts the restaurant's main dish, The Gumbo Bros' po'boys have carved their own standout spot on the menu. Don't forget to order the sides– all of the them, because how could you not??!! 

Also, chug down perfectly chilled NOLA-brewed beers while you're at it for the delicious taste of New Orleans in NYC.

11. VHH Foods (55 Water Street– Brooklyn)