12 Absolute Can't-Miss TV Shows and Movies to Watch This Fall

Oh, hello. Almost didn't see you there from under that giant hipster-granny sweater!

We know, the temperature's dropping and maybe you're feeling a little more cuddly than usual. 

We also know that the perfect way to get your cuddle on (with Bae or sans Bae) is to dig into this month's best TV shows, original films, and documentaries. 

Get your snuggly socks on, girl! It's time to binge!

1. Humans of New York: The Series (Facebook August 29)

After all these years of watching Humans of New York blow up on social media, we're finally getting a docu-series! 


It's already a few episodes in, but it's not too late to get yourself saddled up to binge the whole thing. 

2. Outlander (Sept. 10)

Alright, alright, alright. So we've been holding out for our kilt-clad hottie Jamie Fraser and boss lady Claire Randall-Fraser to return for literally forever and they're finally back! 

If you've don't have Starz you probs need to bribe your parents for some access because this show will have you ordering a kilt for your boothang faster than you can say "sassenach" (that's sexy Scottish speak for an English person).

3. Broad City (Sept. 13)

The hotly anticipated fourth season with our lady kweens is back and we're ready to rock and roll! This time we've got some unique flairs, naturally. 

The season is set in the fall and winter and Abbi and Ilana will be incorporating some light nods to the political climate, bleeping out Donald Trump's name along with other curse words. We in dis.

4. Will and Grace Revival (NBC Sept. 28)

It's almost too good to be true, isn't it?! That's what we all thought. But here we are, getting ready for a brand new season and ready to watch our favorite characters stir up some classic trouble! 

The best part? You can binge watch alllll the seasons on Hulu right before! YAY.

5. Kingdom of Us (Netflix Oct. 13)

This British family has been through it all together. We're really interested to see how they uncover the memories of their father, try to understand the traumatic day they lost him, and overcome tremendous grief. 

Wow. Get the box of tissues ready. 

6. Mindhunter (Netflix Oct. 13)

No matter your views on the Dexter enterprise, you've probably been searching for your next serial killer drama for a while now. 

There have been a few here and there. But this one. This. One. It's going to hook us so bad. We can just feel it! 

7. The Mayerwitz Stories (Netflix Oct. 13)

We love Dustin Hoffman. The older he gets, the more we become obsessed with his antics. We're also super into Brooklyn-born Director Noah Baumbach (Frances Ha, Fantastic Mr. Fox). 

And did you see the rest of this star-studded cast including Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson, Ben Stiller, throw in an Adam Driver and a Sigourney Weaver and up-and-coming Grace Van Patten. Seriously this movie is going to be GOLD. 

8. Patton Oswalt: Annihilation (Netflix Oct. 17)

Yesssss. Our boy Pat is back on Netflix with a new special! 

The trailer has not been released as of yet, although his previous go at Netflix with "Talking for Clapping" won him both Emmy and Grammy awards. Get the popcorn! But careful not to choke. We're going to be laughing our faces off for this one. 

9. 1922 (Netflix Oct. 20)

The romanticism of the 1920's? A growing divide between a farm family to move to the city? Murder? Haunting and dead wife ghosts? What more do you want from your Netflix Original?! 

If you're into period pieces this will be fun for you. If you're into being on the edge of your seat for 2 hours this is also for you. Shoot if you have eyeballs this is also for you.

10. One of Us (Netflix Oct. 20)

Holy smokes, this documentary looks literally amazing.

If you're from NYC and wonder about the Hasidic community or if you just want to be informed on this culture, we've got to sit down and watch this. Immediately. 

11. Stranger Things (Oct. 27)

Ohhh yeahhhhhh. Season two is here, and just in time for us to turn the lights out, ignore the Trick-or-Treater's and devour an entire bag of Almond Joys in a single sitting. 

On October 27, get ready for the comeback of the super successful 80's sci-fi drama that left us all putting The Goonies on repeat until their return to the Stranger Things screen. 

12. Cook-Off! (Theaters Nov. 17)

Oh, how we love us some Melissa McCarthy. After filming in 2007, Cook-Off! is finally coming to the silver screen! Think The Office meets a high-stakes reality cook-off competition. Freaking amazing. 

We are so bummed that McCarthy as Sean Spicey is over because that was honestly the best thing to happen to us ever. But we'll settle for watching her make a soufflé and cracking some great one-liners. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Pixabay] 

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