Watchlist: 12 Things You Need to Add to Your Queue This Month

The weather in May is getting nicer, I guess. But some of the best TV series and movies are coming this month!

Maybe while you prep for your night out at the rooftop bar, check out these shows and movies.

Or make one of these your pre-game with your friends before a big night out.

Take a shot every time someone screams during Alien: Covenant–because you know you're downloading the bootleg version. Three when Aziz Ansari does something really hilariously touristy in Master of None.

Now, you definitely want to check out this lineup of May's new releases:

1. Twin Peaks – Showtime

Showtime's reboot of the hit '90s surreal TV mystery drama returns to the shady Washington town. The premiere on Sun. May 21 at 9 p.m. is arriving so slowly. And Showtime is having a grand old time teasing fans to get them super hyped for Special Agent Dale Cooper to return to Twin Peaks. 


We have the first look for you above.

2. Don't Think Twice – Netflix

Netflix is rolling out some great movies this month, including this one directed by Mike Birbiglia. The comic, who also stars in the flick, joins the all-star cast. The story follows a group of improv comics trying to make it big in the world of comedy. Check to see if they get their big break on an SNL-knockoff TV show.

Stream it now to learn the harsh reality of making comedy your career.

3. Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King – Netflix

Hasan Minhaj comedian is quickly gaining force after his hard-hitting performance at the White House Correspondents' dinner. The Daily Show's own hilarious correspondent caught the eyes of Netflix. Soon after,he has landed his own stand-up special. Minhaj puts his signature stamp on very current topics, like immigration, family and equality.

If you're a satire junky, check Minhaj's standup when it starts streaming on May 23.

4. Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive – Netflix

Tracy Morgan survived death, and he's staying alive for his newest standup special. Morgan discusses and pokes fun at the serious accident and recovery with his family's help. This hilarious take on his near-death experience and rehab will inspire you and make you laugh super hard.

You can start streaming Morgan's highly-anticipated comeback special on May 16.

5. Anne With an E – Netflix

Yes! Your childhood is back! Anne of Green Gables returns with this new take on the original coming-to-age story. It will bring you back to simpler times of using your imagination instead of your phone every two seconds. Head back to the verdant Green Gables today since it's ready to stream.

6. Master of None (Season 2) – Netflix

Another great series ready to stream today is Aziz Ansari's Master of None. Finally! Ansari made us wait soooo long to find out all the deetz of his awesome spur-of-the-moment move to beautiful Italy. Watch as he travels to Northern Italy simply because he loves cooking pasta and wants to find himself. See what shenanigans and issues Ansari faces starting today.

7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 3) – Netflix

Kimmy is back for another too-funny season of naivety. But now she has her G.E.D. and is on her way to be a learned woman. The series starts off with the next step in her education–college. I wish my education went this quickly. Also, Titus Andromedon goes Lemonade on everyone, so you have to see this sassy bad-assness. 

Start streaming this great series from the mind of Tina Fey on May 19.

8. Sense8 (Season 2) – Netflix

Netflix has done it again. If you're a Matrix trilogy fan, Sense8 is a must-watch. The science-fiction drama series explores themes of telepathy and the psychic powers. The show stars 8 people from around the world who are connected through all being "sensates". Season 2 gets wild. Don't miss it!

9. Clue – Netflix

Clue, the cult classic mystery comedy film, is finally coming to Netflix! In case you missed it as a child, the streaming service has you covered. The movie, in keeping with the original board game, was released with three different possible endings when it hit theaters in 1985. Even though it did poorly at the box office, the film later developed a decent fan base and following.

10. Moonlight – Amazon

In case you live under a rock, "Moonlight" was this year's Oscar winner for best picture. The coming-of-age drama film stars Mahershala Ali (from "House of Cards”) and is directed by Barry Jenkins. It will be available on Prime Video starting May 21st to U.S. members. The film chronicles the life of Chiron, a young black man growing up in Miami. There must be a reason why it has a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes!

11. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Theaters

It's the movie of the season all of your friends have been talking about: "Guardians of the Galaxy". The Marvel superhero film follows the Guardians through their adventures in the cosmos. The movie grossed over $600 million at the box office so far.


Even if you're not a superhero movie fan, you can't deny that a shirtless Chris Pratt is worth that overpriced movie ticket.

12. Alien: Covenant – Theaters

The 2017 science-fiction horror film is a sequel to the 2012 "Prometheus. "Covenant" is the second installment in the Alien prequel series and the sixth installment overall in the Alien film series. This one stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterson, and Billy Crudup.

Don't miss the film's premiere on May 19th!

[Feature Image Courtesy Welcome To Twin Peaks] 

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