11 Unexpected Benefits Of Group Travel vs. Solo Travel 😉👌💯

Travel tours don’t have the best reputation. 

Images of cargo shorts, bus-fulls of sweaty people, generic travel activities involving standing in lines, and being herded like cattle… that sort of thing. 

Truthfully, travel tours are actually pretty boss, they do provide planning assistance, solid historical context, and the potential to save some real dolla-dolla bills y’all.

So say hello to G Adventures, the epic small-group tours showing you the world in ways you've only dreamed of, with a responsible approach to interacting with the places you visit.  

G Adventures is basically the first and last word on epic guided tours, perfectly tailored to small groups, showing you the world in ways you've only dreamed of, with a responsible approach to interacting with the places you visit. 

With G Adventures you're not just settling up to the shore on a cruise boat and exploring a small part of the Caribbean on your own. Oh, and you're not sweating to death sitting on a bus while someone points out the various landmarks and their history over a loudspeaker either. 

G Adventures gets you in the mix, in the dirt, in the muck and grime of real adventure, the type of adventure difficult to have on your own. 

There’s a lot of buzz about solo travel, and for good reason. It’s a glorious opportunity to push yourself, reflect, grasp your inner workings, and… talk to yourself.

That being said, there’s a pretty hard case for meeting like-minded people somewhere halfway across the world and experiencing new and different things with strangers instead of…alone. 

1. All the learns!

When you travel you learn things about yourself: fact.

When you travel in a group of strangers you can learn about yourself through the eyes of others as well. You’ll see the contrast between your ‘travel-self’ and your ‘everyday-self’ at home.

Maybe you’ll feel inspired to attain more of a balance between them when you return home. 

Not only that, but your group will likely be a diverse clan, giving the opportunity to learn about various other cultures. 

You’ll get schooled not just in the destination you’re visiting, but others as well. JACKPOT!

2. Sharing is caring

Making fresh memories, especially while traveling is priceless. Sharing those memories with some new buddies makes them even sweeter. Travel heightens emotions and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can form bonds in that setting. 

So, years down the line when you have your trip reunion, you can reminisce about that time the two of you challenged those British guys you met in Thailand to a dance off and won a round of drinks.

3. Bored no more

Goodbye boredom.

Epic travel activities, means sights to behold, and a fine group of fellow wanderers, there’s no room for boredom.

The best part of traveling with a group is that you have built in buddies to hang with, or the option for some serious solo time if you so choose to decompress for a few. And we do loooove options.

4. Cashola

Group travel is cost-effective, naturally. Traveling solo can be expensive because you don’t have others to help split up the cost. Since everyone loves saving money this is a no-brainer. 

When you travel as part of a group, your tour operator is able to negotiate and secure lower costs on accommodations, transportation, and excursions (extra shopping money for you). 

Plus, if you travel on your own but are willing to share a room with a fellow traveler of the same sex, you can usually avoid the dreaded "single supplement" surcharge.

G Adventures never charges solo travelers more. 

5. Built-in cheerleaders

Travel is the ultimate opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Sometimes you need an extra push to do just that, literally. 

Traveling in a group is traveling with a bunch of built-in cheerleaders. . 

Never thought you could complete the full Inca Trail or Camino de Santiago? Your group will give you the mental muscle to rally you to the end. 

Nervous about trying a new food or local activity? Peer support (and positive pressure) can help you overcome those jitters, and help you say, "I did it".

In this case, if everyone else in your group was jumping off a bridge (attached to a bungee), would you do it? Yes, yes you probably would.

6. Someone's always got your back

Safety first people! This is why we learned about the buddy system in preschool. Venturing in a travel gang provides you with automatic back up, and it’s loads more comfortable when you know someone’s got your back.

7. Strength in numbers

Not just for safety purposes, but tackling travel issues with more brains working to figure it out just makes a whole ton of sense. More people to do math? Good. More people to read maps? Great. More people to attempt to ask for directions using enthusiastic hand signals? Perfect.

8. Best of both worlds

If you struggle corralling your friends together for Sunday brunch, good luck lining up the calendar for a trip. The struggle is real. Why not book a group tour as a solo traveler and reap the benefits of both worlds? Before you know it, you’ll be escaping to far-flung lands with 8-16 of your soon to be closest friends.

9. Selfies suck

Photoshoot opps are all around when traveling. Solo travel means more selfies to produce those precious memories of that close up in front of the Mayan ruins. 

Group travel means always having someone to take that photo for you, and way less of a chance of a double chin, weird angle, and annoying fellow travelers. Bottom line: better photos. Sayonara, selfies.

10. Foodventures

That’s food + adventure. See what we did there? Maybe you’re not the most adventurous eater, but you’re traveling and you should experience local cuisine. 

Being in a group naturally encourages you to share and try an assortment of foods without the commitment of ordering your main meal as a culinary risk. Maybe not the fried bugs though, no thank you. 

Plus. you have built in dining companions to check out interesting restaurants and food markets with.. so you don't have to combat that awkward 'party of one' feeling

11. Appreciation 101

Not to get all sappy, but we’re talking about appreciating that travel means different things to each person. Everyone absorbs, experiences and reflects differently. 

Someone may take something completely unique away from a travel experience than you would, or look at something in an alternate way, opening your eyes to a fresh perspective. You’ll have a more well rounded and enriching travel experience if you see it through other’s eyes as well as your own.

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