Staycation on Lock: 12 Best Things to Do If You're Staying in NYC for Memorial Day Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend, which means two equally important things: we can now officially start celebrating summer, and we can start wearing white again. 

Just kidding about that second part. F*ck the rules, we can wear white whenever we damn well please. #rebels 

But seriously, we're super psyched about summer, especially now that the weather has decided to actually align itself appropriately with the season.

We're even more psyched for all the amazing stuff doing down in NYC this weekend.

Who says you have to leave the city to have an epic Memorial Day weekend? Certainly not us.

Of course, this weekend is about much more than barbecues and beach parties. We definitely haven't forgotten that. But it doesn't hurt to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and celebrate this incredible city that we love so dearly.

Now, there are tons of general ways to make the most out of this weekend. Whether you're having an outdoor adventure, gettin' tropical at one of these bars, or simply hitting up one of hundreds of New York City rooftop bars, the choose-your-own-adventure method is boundless. 

However, there are plenty of great things going down that you would probably be interested in doing this weekend. Read on to discover how you can make the most out of your Memorial Day weekend. 

1. Katdashians the Musical (80 St. Mark's Place)


Yes, you read that correctly. This is a show that combines the acclaimed musical Cats with the Kardashians, America's simultaneously most loved and hated family. 

How can you possibly go wrong? 


The performance features cat-ified versions of each member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan, with solid musical numbers and of course, endless hilarity.

You definitely don't want to miss this one. Get your tickets here

2. Shakespeare in the Park (81 Central Park West) 


We're certain that everyone is familiar with Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew in some capacity, either because you read it in your high school English class, or because you've seen 10 Things I Hate About You, which is based on the play, upwards of one thousand times.

Or perhaps it's both.

Either way, you will not want to miss The Public Theater's all-female version that's running from May 24th through June 26th. Tickets are totally free, but you'll have to wait in a pretty substantial line to get them. #worthit

3. Brooklyn Barge Bar (97 West Street - Brooklyn)


Winter is essentially one long waiting game, mostly because we're waiting for the Brooklyn Barge to re-open.

Well, now is the time. THE TIME IS NOW. The Barge will open its doors this week, and we consider ourselves #blessed. 

Luckily, there haven't been too many changes to our favorite watering hole. The menu has been tweaked slightly, but staples such as the rum punch remain, so we're good. It will definitely be packed for Memorial Day celebrations, so get there early so get yourself a spot. 

4. Around Manhattan Brunch Cruise (Pier 62)


Stay-cation, all we ever wanted. 

This incredible brunch/cruise 2-for-1 is all the proof you need that you don't need to leave NYC to enjoy a weekend getaway. 


The nearly 3-hour cruise allows for some of the best views of the city, as well as delicious brunch and even a complimentary drink. All of the food is local from New York State and the fresh bakery goods from NYC purveyors. Reserve a spot now!

5. Brooklyn Pig Roast (470 Driggs Avenue - Brooklyn)


Sorry, vegetarians... this is not the event for you.

But for all you carnivorous New Yorkers, you're going to want to check out this event going down in BK this weekend. 


The evening kicks off with a happy hour, followed by a mouth-watering Pig Roast platter prepared by Chef Michael Psilakis. There will also be live music starting at 7 p.m.

Get tickets here!

6. Lower East Side Festival of the Arts (10th Street and 1st Avenue)


The 20th Annual Lower East Side Festival of the Arts is going down from May 27th to May 29th, showcasing talented performers of all ages.

This weekend, check out these excellent displays of culture and history, or simply head out for poetry readings, film performances, or delicious food. Best part yet? It’s a free event.


7. 152nd Street Cultural Festival (152nd Street between Jackson Avenue & Union Avenue - the Bronx)

This annual event has been celebrating Puerto Rican culture in NYC since 1995.


It's a perfect way to spend the Memorial Day weekend with your family that's in town. There's tons of amazing food vendors, entertainment, and activities for kids, and, best of all, gorgeous weather that we're SO HAPPY is finally here.

8. One Funny Mother (340 West 50th Street) 


Why not cap your day-drinking this weekend with a hilarious comedy show? 

Writer/comedian/mother Dena Blizzard created this one woman show in which she sheds a humorous light on her adventures in motherhood. She talks about the good, the bad and the ugly, the hilarious and the even more hilarious. 

Get tickets here and prepare to laugh-cry for the entirety of the performance. 

9. Chill out on Central Park's Great Lawn

This is a no-brainer this weekend. Weather will be perfect for a picnic, and this will be the first Memorial Day where it's likely that cops won't hassle you for brown-bagging booze. 

10. CookOut NYC (Solar One/Stuyvesant Cove Park - entrance on 23rd Street)


This is definitely one of NYC's can't-miss Memorial Day weekend events. 

It takes place on Saturday and Sunday, and combines all of our favorite things: grilling stations, amazing beer selections, and live music. It's essentially a giant party bursting with the best food and drink that summer has to offer. 

What's not to love? There's a bunch of different ticketing options, so check them out here and buy yours now. 

11. Get a hot dog for 10¢ or less


Memorial Day weekend is for cook outs, and cook outs are definitely for hot dogs. But why go through the hassle of grilling dogs yourself when Nathan's Famous is selling them for a nickel? 


Yeah, a nickel. Of course, not to be outdone by their protégé-turned-profiteer, Feltman's is dropping dogs for a dime. Why hot dogs for twice the amount? Who knows? But Coney Island's going to be lit! 

12. Manhattanhenge