Need some new reading material?

...Need some new reading material that you'll actually read, not just use as a doorstop?

Spice up your commute with one of the 10,000 magazines available for download through the Queens Library.

Using Digital Q, you login with your Queens Library Card, and immediately have access to titles like Elle, Forbes, Vogue, and National Geographic, as reported by Time Out NY.

You've never had a better excuse to keep up with the Kardashians. 

Also, gotta quickly point out that The New Yorker is one of the available titles. It might not come with the tote bag, but you will save yourself a hundred bucks (well, unless your subscription already auto-renewed, but WHATEVER, I'm not bitter, it's okay).

They're also going to add more books and music soon, so if you combine that with the 300,000 e-books offered by the NYPL's app (Simply E), you're pretty much set with reading material for life. 

Digital Q, however, doesn't require downloading an app, it's all online.


Don't have a Queens library card? Apply online with just your name, email, and birthday.

Just think how much money you'll be saving by using a library card, instead of adding to the pile of US Weekly's in your bathroom. Now you can use your hard-earned cash buying $5 lattes.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy NYDailyNews]