Some Next Level Sh*t: The Insane Ice Cream Creations at 10Below Will Blow Your Mind

If you're a fan of this weather, then it's really only for one reason. 

No, it's not sundresses. No, it's not open-toed shoes (subway black foot anybody?). Maybe it's enjoying gorgeous views of New York City during happy hour-- even on a motherf*cking boat!

But no, what really gets you going (read: "should" or your priorities are busted) is that ice cream. From a truck dawdling down the street, the freezer bins at your bodega, or even one of these insane shops, there's no shortage of delicious cold treats to beat the heat in NYC. 

But there's one ice cream shop in particular that's on some next level sh*t: 10Below

They've got two locations-- one in Flushing open during the week, another in Chinatown only open on the weekends --but boundless insanity. 

If you know anything about this shop that opened only a year ago, you probably know one of two things: Their lines are hours' long, and their rolled ice cream is out of this world. 

Like, we have to question the legality of this treat-- and the inspiration of ice cream being rolled in Thailand where Americans generally get into some funky sh*t (we'll never forgive you, Hangover II. You're just. Awful...) has nothing to do with it.


But seriously. We combatted the lines by getting there right when it opened, and yeah, maybe ice cream at 11:00 a.m. isn't the most balanced breakfast (throw in some booze and you can call it brunch, but we're not degenerates), but it's a holiday, right?

The spot in Queens is relatively an easy-miss. It's in the Queens Crossing shopping center. Walking in, it looks a lot more like a jewelry store than an ice cream shop. There's a window for all of the ingredients, and then a line of five different rolling stations where the treats are, well, rolled. 

Once the ball gets rolling (ha, see that? That's a pun! A bad one? Oh, absolutely!), it's everything you hope for. It's like Cold Stone, but it doesn't make you hate yourself. 

Except you know, you're still in a shopping center and it isn't long before you're confronted with a similar feeling of self-loathing. But hey! You've got ice cream!

We ordered one of the more popular flavors, "The S'Mores Galore." It's absurd how delicious it is. We had it with Teddy Grahams-- WTF?! --graham cracker things, chocolate syrup, and a blowtorched marshmallow. 

The maker put the graham cracker and poured the ice cream batter over it so it froze, laid it flat so everything mixed, and when it was a square, he put chocolate syrup over the top of it and began rolling it.

Three minutes later, everything is mixed to perfection, topped with chocolate syrup, a mixture of Teddy Grahams and graham crackers, and one blow-torched marshmallow.

It's hard to actually describe what the flavor of the ice cream is. The cream mixture they poured was decidedly vanilla, but the processes of adding graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow allowed it to be just... so. Much. More. 

It's like they created a s'more flavored ice cream right in front of us. It wasn't witchcraft, but it was something close...

Regardless, we're Snapchatting the sh*t out of life right now, and it's safe to say that 10Below is certainly helping us get the most out of that. But if you're down for a good time, follow us! We're spoiledNYC. Do it! 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]