There's something special about those few individuals who live past 100.

For some reason, it's usually that they have some kind of insane habit to which they claim they owe their long life.

In the case of Antonio Docampo Garcia, who lived to 107, his vice of choice was drinking an insane four bottles of wine every. single. day.

To add on to that, he never drank water!

But of course, any old wine wasn't fit for Garcia - he specifically drank wine that he had produced himself. The wine was described as "natural" and "without chemicals."

Garcia's son stated that his father was known for having two bottles of wine with lunch, and an additional two bottles with dinner.

But it didn't stop at wine - in fact, Garcia's day started with a shot of liquor every morning with breakfast.

You may be wondering: was it this extreme drinking habit that finally brought him down?

We wish we knew. Garcia may have passed away at the incredible age of 107, but his cause of death does not appear to be related to his drinking habits. 


In fact, when it comes to his health, Garcia was something of a miracle. Garcia claimed to have never taken any antibiotics until he caught pneumonia at the age of 103.

If there's one thing Garcia's left behind it's a legacy that we can all aspire to - and possibly the key to some of the healthiest natural, chemical-free wine we've ever seen.



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