Okay, so when Trump got elected how many of you that were screaming that you were off to Canada actually left?

I'm willing to bet none of you did, so what are you doing to voice your dissatisfaction?

Ravi DeRossi, owner of several popular NYC cocktail bars, is opening a pop-up bar to do just that. 

Coup, the brainchild of DeRossi and Sother Teague, will be donating 100% of their profits to organizations that may lose funding or have been energized under the new administration. 

Nonprofits like ACLU and Planned Parenthood are on the list. Each guest bartender working that night will get to decide where the profits from the shift will go.

Bartenders from all over the country have agreed to guest bartend. A few of the New Yorkers include Natasha David of Nitecap, Giuseppe Gonzalez of Suffolk Arms, and Ivy Mix of Leyenda.

Décor will manifest in the form of depictions of some of the best anti-Trump protest signs. Anti-Trump meaning pro- human rights. What a time to be alive.


Supporting cause-oriented bars is just one small step you can take to overcome your "political paralysis." 


So get that extra shot at the end of the night– who are you to deny these charitable causes? Coup opens up April 14th at 64 Cooper Square. 

[Feature Image Courtesy commondreams] [via Eater NY]