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Curious which New York City neighborhoods have the most money?

Well, the good folks at Curbed NY were too, so they used data from the Highley 1000; a list that uses information from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey 2006-2010 to rank the nation's most affluent neighborhoods according to their mean household income.

Not surprisingly, dense cities tend to have a larger diversity incomes than the suburbs, producing lower averages. In the suburbs, large-lot zoning makes it impossible for anyone other than the super rich to live there.

Want to know what neighborhood had the highest mean household income in the country?

Ding ding ding! You guessed correctly: Greenwich Connecticut hit the top spot there, coming in at the nation's most affluent neighborhood with a mean household income of $614,242.

Actually, we were pretty surprised to learn that the most affluent city in NYC was only 90th on the list. Do you have an idea which one it was?


Okay, we'll tell you. Lenox Hill ranked as NYC's most affluent city, with a mean income of $373,107.

Number two was Union Square, with an average household income of $352,682. The Flatiron District was third, with an average household income of $347,688.

In fourth was Carnegie Hall, with an average income of $333,067. Fifth, sixth, and seventh were Tribeca ($332,138), Dumbo ($295,153), and Forest Hills ($288,699), respectively.


Rounding out the last three? Beekman Place ($283,316) in eighth, Cobble Hill ($281,303) at ninth, and the Upper East Side ($278,040) as the tenth most affluent neighborhood in NYC.

The obvious flaw with this list? Well, on the American Community Survey, households can only claim up to $2 million in income. So in reality, the figures might be much higher.

Still, the list is interesting. If we were told to make a list of NYC's top ten richest cities based on average income, those ten are definitely not the ones we would've guessed. You learn something new every day though, right?

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[via Curbed]