The skyline's the limit, right?

When you think of what makes New York City so iconic, what comes to mind? Is it the constant hustle and bustle? Or maybe the unique culture that is distinct in every neighborhood of every borough? 

For us, it is the impeccable and awe-inspiring skyline.

Just try to wrap your head around the countless people that have gawked at some of the tallest buildings in the world in amazement and astonishment. The people who have literally gone to such crazy heights to catch that right photo.

The skyline is one of the most iconic images in NYC and in the next five year many buildings are going to forever change that image.

Whether we like it or not change is always happening in this city and now we get to see that change very dramatically.

These ten new buildings are sure to have many stare in wonderment and go to new heights to take that perfect picture.


1. 2 World Trade Center


via DBOX/TimeOut

2. 125 Greenwich Street


via Rafael Viñoly/TimeOut

3. 111 Murray Street


via Kohn Pedersen Fox/TimeOut

4. 30 Hudson Yards


via Kohn Pedersen Fox/TimeOut

5. The Spiral


via Bjarke Ingels Group/TimeOut

6. One Vanderbilt


via SL Green/TimeOut

7. 53 West 53rd Street


via Hayes Davidson/TimeOut

8. 111 West 57th Street


Property Markets Group/JDS Development/TimeOut

9. Central Park Tower


via TimeOut

10. 9 DeKalb Avenue


via SHoP Architects/TimeOut

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[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy Time Out]