A Free Drink a Day―Every Day: 10 Best NYC Bars You Never Knew You Could Get a Free Cocktail

There are few places in New York City where anything is free. We have come to accept this as reality. 

We've grown accustomed to dropping $15 on a cocktail and weeping silently to ourselves as we check our bank accounts the morning after a livelier-than-usual happy hour. Le sigh...

But what if we told you that you could score a free drink from some of the swankiest spots in New York City, every single day?

Say hello to HOOCH, the app that gives you VIP access to tons of NYC bars, all for just $9.99/month (less than the price of a single cocktail). 

Every single day, HOOCH gets you one high-end cocktail, from a variety of bars in NYC and beyond, completely on the house. HOOCH gives you VIP access to tons of NYC bars, all for just $9.99/month (less than the price of a single cocktail). 

Of course, you can enjoy your first month for only $1 using the invite code “spoiled.“ 


All you have to do is check the app and pick the bar closest to you... or you can live dangerously and explore new neighborhoods. It's changed the way we drink. We've leveled up.

Granted, it might seem like you're leaving an awful lot up to chance by opening an app and going to some random bar close to you. NYC's a crapshoot. It's hit and miss. 

But HOOCH doesn't send you to just any bar in town. These bars are all hand-picked, unique spots that you might not have gotten around to yet, your friends have probably never heard of, and are completely worth sticking around for more than just that first free drink.

Here's a roundup of some of the dopest spots that have teamed up with HOOCH to offer you one of the sweetest deals you'll find in this city. 

1. Cafe Clover (10 Downing Street)

If you're in the mood for a fresh, healthy take on your dining and cocktail experiences, look no further than Cafe Clover.

(Or, if you're just in need of a place to take your annoying vegan friend who won't shut up about all the "crap you're putting into your body," this be the place.)

Regardless, everybody wins at this spot because the ingredients are so fresh and amazing, and the decor is so charming that you're bound to have an incredible time. Try the beet-infused Moscow Mule for a tasty twist on a classic. 

2. Hunt & Fish Club (125 West 44th Street)


You typically avoid the Theater District when it comes to anything but, you know, theater, but feel free to mosey on over to the Hunt & Fish Club, where money is no object (...for that first drink).

The space itself is simply picturesque―basically the way we imagined every restaurant or bar would be when we pictured living in NYC as a kid.

Reality might have hit us harder than expected, but thanks to HOOCH, we can still live out our dreams of luxury every once in a while and get our foot in the door at some of the city's most gorgeous lounges.

3. North River Fish Bar (81 West 41st Street)

No need to peace out right after your free drink is gone; the prices at Fish Bar are so reasonable, you can hang out all night without breaking the bank. 

You can also enjoy stunning views of the city as you sail the Hudson on a gorgeous, three-level yacht. Not too shabby. 

4. Beautique (8 West 58th Street)


This bar is about as appropriately named as you can get. 

Beautique is a gorgeous French restaurant and lounge (with a swanky nightclub in the back) that will totally transport you to an entirely new, fancier world. 

You'll definitely want to dress to impress when ordering a cocktail here.

5. Los Feliz (109 Ludlow Street)


If you prefer to enjoy your cocktails with some of the best authentic Mexican food around, we have the perfect spot for you.

Los Feliz is a dual level restaurant/bar serving up some of the most incredible food (you HAVE to try the squash blossom quesadilla and their signature guacamole) and drinks (Watermelon Mint Margarita FTW). 

It'll certainly be the happiest happy hour you've ever experienced. 

6. Jue Lan Club (49 West 20th Street)


Deliciously unique drinks, baller Chinese food, and a beautiful outdoor garden to enjoy it all in? Uh, yeah, we're so into Jue Lan Club right about now. 

You'll definitely want to settle in here and make your way through their creative cocktail menu - the Pear Toddy, Lychee Martini, and Madame Adventurist are a few of the standouts. 

7. The Ainsworth Park, Ainsworth Midtown, Ainsworth Chelsea

SPORTS! If you enjoy watching humans wearing the same outfit run around chasing stuff, you'll want to hang out at the various Ainsworth establishments all over NYC. 

They're not only great spots to watch all the sports events, they've also got incredible pub fare (HELLO, MAC AND CHEESE BURGER), and tasty cocktails. 

On the other hand, some people just enjoy the atmosphere a sports bar lends itself to. We haven't met too many of these people, but we expect they exist. Somewhere. 

8. Pergola (36 West 28th Street)


Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte would definitely approve of this place. 

Settle in at Pergola for some delicious drinks and hookah in a swanky location full of the city's most glamorous humans.

And although your closet might be far less impressive than Miss Bradshaw's, you can still live like a VIP by scoring yourself a free cocktail upon stepping into Pergola, thanks to HOOCH

And let's be real, once you nab that first drink, it's likely that you'll keep 'em coming. #yas

9. Bo's Kitchen & Bar Room (6 West 24th Street)


If you're bored with the same old cocktails that keep cropping up from bar to bar, grab a brew on the bayou and kick it Nawlins' style at Bo's Kitchen & Bar Room

The Boss Lady Thyme is an amazing cocktail that mixes up the best you'd ever get with gin and St. Germaine, but it's the fig jam that really sets it off. And if you want to get real crazy with it, get the Eggo Spice; a mindf*ck of mezcal, ancho chili liquor, agave, and watermelon ice. 

10. Sanctuary T (337 West Broadway)


Nothing goes with a great drink like a little atmosphere, right? 


Sanctuary T offers a variety of cozy, spicy drinks and a beautiful space to enjoy them in. Who could ask for more? 

They've also got an incredible brunch menu, so use that free drink to get your Sunday morning (or afternoon) started off right. 

Download HOOCH now, enjoy your first month for only $1 using the invite code “spoiled,” and start drinking life like the VIP your mom is likely already disappointed in.

Check out How You Can Get One Free Cocktail Every Single Day with HOOCH Right Here.

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