Viva La Tequila! 10 Best Bars to Celebrate National Tequila Day in NYC

Is there anything more exciting than that first drink after work? The one that helps you let loose, breathe and forget about the boring or crazy day you just somehow survived?

Well, we have the ultimate solution for you. National. Tequila. Day! 

Of all the national food/drink holidays, many would say this is the most exciting and potentially the most harmful. 

Some people may just go to their local bar and get a subpar margarita. But we couldn't let you do that. No! You deserve the best. And that means, not just margaritas, but fancy tequila cocktails and deals that will make you so happy you may cry- depending on how hard you pre-gamed.

So mark yourself "busy" for every future July 24th on your calendar, and check out the best options in NYC to get your tequila fix. You can worry about the hangover tomorrow.

1. Añejo


Añejo is everything you could wish for in a tequila bar. Their downstairs bar transports you to a tropical land of delicious drinks and some seclusion, while still being able to stay in the city. They host monthly tequila pairings and have locations in Hell's Kitchen and Tribeca. 


This month, for National Tequila Day, their $225 flight includes Rey Sol Extra AñejoPatron Gran Burdeos Extra Añejo, and Tears of Llorona Extra Añejo. Get your fancy cocktail on.

2. Horchata


Horchata offers regular Happy Hour Specials, which include half off frozen margaritas from 4-7pm at the bar. And if you're not a fan of the margs, they also let you spike their incredible agua fresca with some tequila– I recommend the watermelon.

3. Javelina

Last year, they celebrated with 3 drink specials, including the Habanero and White Peach Frozen Margarita ($10), the Mango and Mint Frozen Margarita ($10), and the Cucumber Tequila Smash ($10, on the rocks, with muddled mint and cucumber, lemon juice, and pure cane sugar). 

This year promises even more exciting options, like a $9 Special Frozen Mango Marg and $10 Bartender's Choice Margaritas.

4. Agave


Agave was voted the "Best Tequila Bar" by NY Magazine, Spirits BusinessUSA Today, and their Margaritas were voted the best by Food Network itself. They've got over 100 tequila choices, so your real decision is: how much am I willing to spend for quality Tequila Day celebrations? 

Our vote is for Prickly Pear Margaritas.

5. La Biblioteca


This library-style tequila bar is not what you'd expect. Its shelves are lined with tequila instead of books– 400+ varieties at that. They've even got an outdoor area so you can enjoy the heat while it lasts. 

But the most fun part is the "tequila library" system, which allows you to start a bottle one night and store it for the future. Next time you come back, just bring your "library card" and check it out so you can keep indulging. The best kind of library.

6. Casa Mezcal


Mezcal and tequila are technically produced in different places, but it totally counts when it comes to National Tequila Day. And Casa Mezcal has it in spades. They've got wild mezcals not found anywhere else in NYC, and deals for Happy Hour from 4-7.

And if you're afraid of crowds, no need. Their three floor locale (each floor has a different theme) is perfect for those trying to change scenery, without having to bar hop.

7. Blockheads

This one is an underrated but a favorite of mine. With locations all over the city, their frozen margaritas are anything but boring. 

Past flavors include the Bomb Pop (like the ice pop but in margarita form), and Mimosa-Marg (a deliciously sweet combo of frozen margarita and frozen mimosa). They've even got an assortment of Bulldogs- the margaritas with overturned beer bottles- including a French version made with champagne instead of beer. 

And if you've got a big group, the Looney Clooney Tower serves 12, and its seriously Instagrammable.

8. La Pulperia

This NYC classic has three locations, and while they don't have any specific specials on deck, they plan on slinging some special margaritas and other drinks for those celebrating the special day. 

And if their regular cocktails are any indication, you won't want to miss these.

9. Calexico


What started as a cart in SoHo expanded to Brooklyn, UES and even outside of New York. 

On weekdays, they offer 2-for-1 Margaritas and other drinks from 4-7 PM– even the cola is spiked with tequila, and their menu will have your drunk & hungry mouth watering.


10. Rocco's Tacos and Tequila

Rocco's hails from sunny Florida, so you know they know their day drinks, and can sling a great nighttime cocktail too. Tableside guac pairs perfectly with one of 425 flavors of tequila and their sour mix is made right on the premises. They've also got an antioxident flavored marg for those who feel they want to keep drinking, but also want to stay a bit healthy.

If this doesn't make you want to start planning that tequila crawl, I don't know what will. Happy National Tequila Day!

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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