10 Awesome Things Happening This Weekend That You Absolutely Cannot Miss

So, there might actually be too much going on this weekend for us to handle. But hey, we're not complaining!

And we're glad to see there will be plenty of outdoor events to take part in, as we take advantage of this last bit of Summer weather. 

Whatever you're in the mood for– live music, food festivals, or even futuristic-inspired festivals with virtual reality theaters, look no further! 

Here are a bunch of suggestions we've set aside for you, be sure to take note of the events that are almost sold out, so you can grab those tickets in time!


Thursday, September 14th

1. The Feast of San Gennaro


The 91st Annual Feast of San Gennaro begins today, Thursday, September 14th and continues for eleven glorious days, ending on the 24th. Rumor has it, this year's massive celebration, honoring the patron saint Gennaro of Naples, will host a crowd of over one million people. And understandably so! 

The event is brought to us by "Figli di San Gennaro Inc." (Children of San Gennaro), a community organization working to keep the spirit of early Italian immigrants alive with delicious Italian foods, as well as live music performances, making for a Little Italy party you will not want to miss!

Friday, September 15th

2. The Meadows Music & Arts Festival



It's finally here! The Meadows Music Festival is this weekend, at Citifield, Queens, Friday through Sunday. Get ready for an amazing, eclectic lineup, with a blend of big name celebrities like Jay Z and Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as newer, up and coming performers. 

And word on the street is they're taking it up a notch from last year with their food selection... Grab your tickets soon, they're almost sold out!

3. Brooklyn Book Festival


The Brooklyn Book Festival "Festival Day" is this Sunday, beginning @ 10 am, at Borough Hall Courtroom, 209 Joralemon St. Though you may also wanna catch a number of the equally exciting "Bookend Events" which are currently happening throughout the city and will continue to do so every day leading up to the main event on September 17th.  

Though these week-long events aren't all free events, like Festival Day, there will be a wide variety of literature readings, discussions on new books, and even advice panels from successful authors for aspiring young writers. Check it out here!

Saturday, September 16th

4. Worlds Fair Nano NY


This "futuristic" food/tech/music/art festival will add some serious variety to your typical weekend outings. Worlds Fair Nano is coming to Brooklyn this weekend at the Brooklyn Expo Center, 72 Nobel Street, and we don't even know where to begin with everything it has in store. 

Introducing new technology, hosting futurist discussions, live musical performances, interactive art exhibits, and shows in a virtual reality theater. If you're looking for something truly unique, you better look into this...

5. Toast of Brooklyn


Toast of Brooklyn, Wine and Food Fest approaches its tenth anniversary this Saturday @ The Courtyard at Restoration Plaza, 1360 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. Showcasing fine wines and spirits from around the world as well as local suppliers. 

Here you can sample a wide variety of prestigious wines, as well as a new addition of craft beers and delicious foods from carefully selected international chefs. If you're feeling fancy and sophisticated, treat yourself and fit this into your Saturday. 

6. JAPANFes Ramen Contest 


This Street Ramen Contest is coming to NYC @ Midtown West (8th Ave between 49th-50th street), hosting a delicious variety of different Japanese ramen dishes prepared for your tasting. Chefs from throughout New York, LA, Boston, Rhode Island & Japan will be in attendance, where we will unveil which chef is the "Ramen Champion". 

And if college ruined ramen noodles for you, we can assure you that these dishes, including the work of two previous ramen chef award winners, will repair the damage. Anyway, it's free admission, so you pay as you go!

7. Munchies Festival