Keep Calm and Love Art! 10 Amazing Art Exhibits to Check out in NYC This February

Despite all the negativity going on around us, there is always something good happening as well.

Whether you are a Picasso in the making, art lover, or naturally, love taking selfies in museums – there's nothing like some daily art inspiration to ease your mind.

We always look forward to the non-stop barrage of amazing artwork to keep our motivation running high, and this February is no different.

We'd like our readers to feel just as pumped this month, so we’ve decided to put together a little roundup of our favorites.

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1. “Inscape”


What better way to escape the distractions of everyday life than visiting a studio that infuses modern design and technology to help you relax. That’s right! Find some zen through multi-sensory experiences using light, sound, scent and inner reflection.

The beautifully decorated space also has an art web-like rope tied to the ceiling that symbolizes stars. Each star represents a person and they're all tied to each other and everything connects to a "tree" rooting it all to the earth.


You can also enjoy curated drinks, bites, and discover gifts for yourself or love ones.

2. Jonny Detiger - “Amplified Space” (until Feb 9th)


Jonny Detiger creates a colorful walk-in environment. The installation consists of three multicolored Plexiglass sculptural spaces that produce a complex pattern of constantly changing colors and shapes.

Viewers are able to interact and influence their changing surroundings. Detiger’s goal is to have people explore the way colors and shapes can heighten the way we feel and effect the space we’re in.


Overall, Detiger is always known to create environments and objects that engage at least four out of the five senses. Detiger loves the element of surprise, and to engage fully with his work you must be willing to explore and risk that surprise.

3. Yael Bartana - We Need To Talk: “What If Women Ruled The World” (until Feb 11th)


It’s no secret that many artists and the general public are responding to our present conditions in America. We Need To Talk, is a beautiful project that represents the true American spirit and the belief of justice and equality.

“What If Women Ruled The World” is one of the many installations by Yael Bartana that is part of the We Need To Talk project. Petzel Gallery along with artist Bartana spark conversations on the myriad issues presented by the election results of November 8th.

4. Halil Altindere - “Space Refugee” (until Feb 11th)


The Andrew Kreps Gallery unveiled “Space Refugee,” an exhibit which takes an ironic distance from the current refugee crisis, positioning outer space as an oasis for those displaced.

At the “Space Refugee, ” you can immerse yourself in a world where you can experience a virtual reality video and watch a film that combines factual interviews with NASA scientists, air and space law specialists, and architects about their fictional visions of life on Mars. 

At the core, the idea behind the project is to question the plausibility of human life, and a proposal for a refugee colony, in space.

5. Portia Munson - “The Garden” (until Feb 11th)

Portia Munson created an installation in the form of a feminine or floral bedroom that is surrounded by exuberant imagery and garden-related objects.

Munson creates works that evaluate contemporary society, our environment, and the objects we choose to surround ourselves with, viewed through the lens of feminism.

6. Phoenix Lindsey-Hall - “Never Stop Dancing” (until Feb 12th)


VICTORI + MO is presenting “Never Stop Dancing,” an installation piece that pays homage to the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub hate-crime massacre in Orlando in June 2016.

The piece features 49 illuminated, slip cast porcelain disco balls. The disco ball by extension symbolizes the party life and celebration but in this space, it mirrors a reflection.

The lack of music also shows that sober state of loss, where both the illuminated disco balls and the lives that once brought light are now extinguished.

7. Porky Hefer - “Heart of Lightness” (until Feb 23rd)


The pieces in “Heart of Lightness” are handmade and drawn from South American craft materials. The show challenges us to question what makes us human and what connects us to the animal kingdom.

Each of the pieces is designed as a shell or a nest. Porky Hefer pushes us to interrogate why we are so removed from our natural environment by depicting how we sometimes shelter ourselves from the rest of the world.

8. Jennifer Rubell - “Housewife” (until Feb 26th)


Jennifer Rubell’s first New York solo exhibition “Housewife,” addresses temptation, humor, and physical suggestion. The show explores the complicated relationship between feminism and femininity in the public figure.

The artwork is reconfigured to place the viewer and objects in positions of equal power. Rubell uses this as a way for us to question and explore the roles of female identity and how our own roles fit into those scenarios.

In “Threshold,” observers can stand in to view a groom carrying his bride through a doorway while in “Pedestal,” viewers can play the role of the sexy vacuuming housewife.

9. “CHOW: Making the Chinese American Restaurant” (until Feb 26th)

CHOW: Making the Chinese American Restaurant celebrates the birth and evolution of Chinese-American Restaurants, tracing their nearly 170-year history of food, immigration, and what it means to be American.


At the exhibit, you can be sure to discover interesting artifacts, such as a stunning collection of menus dating back to 1910 and enjoying delicious tastings done by the country’s most talented Chinese-American chefs.

You also won’t want to miss their 1,500-pound fortune cookie machine. Yeah, you read that right!

MOFAD is collecting messages from around the world and revealing them inside a freshly baked cookie. Just imagine getting a lovely message from someone across the world inside a fortune cookie instead of a bottle. Sounds pretty cool right? We thought so, too!

If you’re interested in a delicious adventure..make your way to MOFAD and snag your tickets here.

10. Joseph Kosuth - “Infinite Blue” (until Nov 5th)


Conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth is known for his neon light installations and his love of philosophy. The Brooklyn Museum presents “Infinite Blue,” a neon installation that features blue in all its variety.

The piece also includes a beautiful piece of visual poetry running from ancient times to present day. Many years ago, blue was considered a color that symbolized spiritual power, status, and beauty.

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