Did you hear about Super Tuesday? We're guessing you did since, you know, you have the internet.

This is what happened. Donald Trump won big on Super Tuesday, snagging 319 delegates. Ted Cruz wasn't too far behind with 226 delegates, and Marco Rubio snagged 110 for himself.

This is all kind of crazy, because in June, when Donald Trump announced he was running for president, most of the country thought he was kidding.

On the democratic side, Hilary Clinton absolutely smoked Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday, grabbing 1,052 delegations to Sanders' 427.

We're not too bamboozled by what's going on on the Democratic side, since both Democratic candidates seem at least 95% sane. On the Republican side, though? Well, it's kind of scary. 

It's so scary, in fact, that a lot of people in the United States googled "How can I move to Canada?" on Tuesday night.

Google Data Editor Simon Rogers tweeted, "Searches for 'how can I move to Canada' on Google have spiked +350% in the past four hours."


That, however, was only the start.

Mashable reported that by midnight, the query rose 1,150% and by Wednesday morning, Google said searches for "Move to Canada" were higher than at any other time in Google history.

The craziest part? Most of the searches were coming from Massachusetts, where Trump took 49% of the vote.

Washington googled "move to Canada" second-most, followed by Texas, New York, and California.

Things got so extreme that the Canadian government's website was having trouble handling all the traffic. On Wednesday morning, at 12:06 a.m., it read, "You may experience delays while using the website. We are working to resolve the issue."

Honestly, we wouldn't hate living in Canada if Trump were elected. Yes, it'd be much colder, but Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a real baller, and a brilliantly outspoken feminist. Also, the Toronto Raptors are straight ballin'. 

jgiv24 I need this in my life! And if anyone is questioning who I am voting for, this is my current stance. #WeAreAllEffed #MovingToCanada #HockeyIsAReligion #TheyHaveTimmyHos

So, yeah, we'd much rather live under the guidance of Justin Trudeau than Trump, if it comes to that. Do we hope it doesn't come to that? Definitely.

The good news is that many states, including Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma, all held closed primaries, meaning only Republicans could vote in the Republican contests.

So, hopefully once we put voters who aren't republicans into the mix, things will change. Hopefully.

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[via Mashable] [Feature Image Courtesy Telegraph] 

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